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BrowserUk >>[...] from 5 to 10 times as long ... Maybe more.

Sort will obviously always be faster than using a database (here, PostgreSQL) for loading and querying for the same result, but I want to show that you exaggerate the overhead of loading+quering into an output file. Indexing would be redundant, but I bet even with an index it wouldn't take that much time.

I constructed a similar file, and sorted by the dna column in the two ways under consideration, (sort versus database slurp+query).

Result: System sort: 59 minutes. Postgres load (6m) + select (59m): 66 minutes
$ ls -lh dna2.txt -rw-rw-r-- 1 xxxxx xxxxx 12G Dec 21 16:38 dna2.txt 1588 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902494 R CTTGACTTTTATGTGTCACTGTGTTCAGTT +CCTGGT 939 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902495 F CCAGGAACTGACCACAGTGACACATAAGAG +TCAAAT 742 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902497 F AGGAACTGACCACAGTGACACATAAGAGTC +AAATAG 1097 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902497 F AGGAACTGACCACAGTGACACATAAGAGTC +AAATAG 100 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902499 F GAACTGACCACAGTGACACATAAAAGTCAA +GTAGTG 1184 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902499 F GAACTGACCACAGTGACACATAAAAGTCAA +GTAGTG 286 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902505 F ACCACAGTGCCACATAAAAGTCAAGTAGGG +AATCCT 235 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902513 R ACCAGGACAGGATCCCCTACTTGACTTTTA +TGTGGC 1744 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902516 F ACATAAAAGTCAAGTAGTGGACCCTGTCCT +GGTCTG 1029 mm_ref_chrY.fa 2902519 F TAAAAGTCAAGTAGGGGATCCTGTCCTGGT +CTGGCA # # bash + sort version: # $ time sort -k5 dna2.txt > dna2.sortk5.out real 59m48.641s # # Postgres version: # # # loading the data: # $ time < dna2.txt \ psql -d test -c " drop table if exists dna_test; create table dna_test( y integer, chromosome text, genomic_location integer, direction text, seq text); copy dna_test from stdin csv delimiter E'\t'; " ; real 6m20.430s echo " select to_char(count(*), '999G999G999') as rowcount from dna_test" | psql -d test rowcount -------------- 181,261,572 (1 row) # # querying a resultset into a sorted file: # $ time echo " copy (select * from dna_test order by seq) to stdout" \ | psql -1qtAd test > dna_test.order_by_seq.out real 59m12.569s


     unix sort: real    59m48.641s
table ORDER BY: real    59m12.569s  
the latter preceded by   6m20.430s  overhead for loading table data

So much for your (BrowserUK's) guess: "database takes 5 to 10 times as long as system sort ... Maybe more"...

It almost amounts to slander :)

Update 1

Of course, I couldn't resist to trying with an index as well. and sure enough it's useless / not used:

$ time echo " create index dna_test_seq_idx on dna_test (seq) " | psql -d test CREATE INDEX real 63m20.451s

63m to create the index - that makes sense.

But of course, Pg will not use it:

$ time echo " explain analyze select * from dna_test order by seq " | psql -1qtAd test > dna_test.order_by_seq.explain_analyze.txt real 57m44.054s $ cat dna_test.order_by_seq.explain_analyze.txt Sort (cost=35550611.84..36003765.76 rows=181261568 width=62) (actual +time=1834228.291..3428773.879 rows=181261572 loops=1) Sort Key: seq Sort Method: external merge Disk: 12933032kB -> Seq Scan on dna_test (cost=0.00..3872406.68 rows=181261568 widt +h=62) (actual time=17.966..65802.621 rows=181261572 loops=1) Total runtime: 3463580.243 ms

update 2: removed a useless use of cat, lest I receive another uuc-award...

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