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Yeh, Perl5 is easy. What is not, is to solve such problems the language implies, as everything works, but so many test for knowing if working good. That's one negative point, opposite of the positive point of: perl is easy and flexible. The thing is: why perl should be implemented on WWW platform, and not PHP. And, another question is: Why should Perl be used for doing that so many things you can do in Python? Before, some years ago, I thought: perl is damn important: it is installed in all unix like or bsd systems, but, not in windows, in which you can just install an active perl, or something else virtual machine. Now we have Parrot, and so on... the thing is: how many time is going to survive Perl, against the big amount of code being published in other scripting languages, which now a days, they're really power and useful. Also, they are "easy", or at least, easy is known as "powerful". I think, Perl6 is going to hit so strong, but people is not going to port their platforms in PHP, or so on, into Perl. And that, is a really negative for PerlWorld. (People will think: why should I waste my time into learning Perl, (which isn't easy at all, since it's huge), when I just can learn PHP, Python and SQL or SQL like. That's what I think. Cheers.
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