Perl, oh Perl, you're a language so fine, With syntax so strange, and modules so divine, From regex to arrays, you're a tool of great power, And with CPAN by your side, you can work by the hour. Oh Perl, how you make my code so succinct, With hashes and subroutines, my programs can link, You handle data so well, from strings to files, And with OOP, you make my code miles. You're not just a language, but a culture so rich, With a community of users, who all make the pitch, Of the beauty of Perl, in all its great forms, From CGI to Mojolicious, we weather all storms. So here's to you Perl, our language so dear, We'll code on and on, without any fear, With a love for the craft, and a love for the art, We'll make our code shine, with all of our heart.