Creating an account on PerlMonks

Although you don't need to have a user account to post on PerlMonks, creating one allows your posts to be associated with you. Over time you can gain experience points and rise through the level system of PerlMonks. You can also edit your postings and receive notification when there is a reply to one of your posts. Another benefit is that you can use the chatterbox.

To create an account, click the Create a New User link under the login box at the top right of the page. This will take you to a page asking you to enter your preferred user name, your real name, and your email address. Your real name and email address will not appear publicly. Your email address is used only to send you your password; you will not receive member updates or spam. Once you have entered this information, click the "submit" button.

If your preferred user name is available, you will then see a page saying "Your new user account (username) has been created. You (email address) should be getting an email soon telling you your generated password."

If the requested user name is not available, you will see a page saying, "Sorry, your username clashes with (username) which already exists. Pick a variation, or try another name..." Enter another username in the text box and click "submit".

If you already have an active user account, see Site Rules Governing User Accounts for important restrictions.

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