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Well, after careful discussion (read: butt-kicking from demerphq), I've decided to explain what madness the name Necos came from.

When I was in high school (Los Angeles High), I was on the school's Academic Decathlon team (1998). While studying for the events, our coach would read some of the literature with us. Since he has a wierd accent, sometimes words come out wrong. One day, he was reading the word "second" (sek-und) and said secon-d (se-kun-d). The whole team laughed, and we went on with the group study session. Sometime later, I found myself making a similar pronunciation blunder: saying secon (see-kon) instead of second. As a result, when I first signed up for a Hotmail account, I used secon (in the end, secon_kun) as my account name. However, when I went on IRC for the first time, Secon was already in use. Thinking quickly, I switched the S and the n, making the name Necos. Since then, the name has stuck with me (including names for characters in Diablo/Diablo2).

Other names that I go by are:

Tessai, Secon, [RnK]Tessai, [CSUN]Tessai.

The last two names being the name Tessai with [RnK] (the name of a group of long-time friends (read: extended family)) and [CSUN] (the university I attend, stuck in front.

Just in case anyone was wondering where the name "Tessai" came from, it's a character in an anime (YES!!! I love anime!) called Ninja Scroll. Some friends and I, during high school, were watching it one day, when someone commented: "Hey, Tessai reminds me of Theo!" This, was, of course, stemming from the fact that I was the only 5'11" person they knew at the time. I always thought that the name suited me (ogre-ish looking black guy), so, like Necos, it has stuck with me.

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