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I don't know about successful, but here are a few existing ones.

Check out somebody's Regex Lab. Since yesterday, I use that all the time. I'm going to integrate it in all my WxApps.

There is also my WxBrowser, which will grow a little ;)(i'll add a toolbar, html filtering, cookies support ...) and might eventually be integrated into WxChatter, a chatterbox client soon to be (i'll finish it soon).

There is also pTkXbmEdit - a Xbm Editor written in Perl/Tk, which I use all the time to create XBitmaps. It will also be improved soon (again, I just recently improved it).

pVoice is also coming out in Wx soon.

There are a few ones soon to be released

WxChatter, which I've already mentioned.

I also wrote WxMorse, but I've yet to release it. As it stands, it converts International Morse Code to text, and vice versa. It also can "sound out" morse code. I wanna make the GUI a little bit nicer, and add an interface to allow for other morse alphabets (people should not be stuck with international).

update: here is a screenshot of my "port" (for lack of a better word) of RegexLab.jpg (ain't it pretty ;) has a crapload of stuff i'm starting to use ;)

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