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I'm completely agree with you, because you said nothing that contradicts to my original post.

Also, you did not said anything to answer my question.

Yes, a person is able to design a gazillion numbers of web pages, and refer to them as much as he decides to.

Downvote me hundred of times, and excuse me for being rough, but I can't understand why people bother saying something when this does not adds to what was searched for!

As for my recent examples of same situation I can show Re: How to manage .Xdefaults to be used for Tk on Win32?, and those answers just take away an attention of a person who may be potentially has an answer, and he did not tried to even read it because he saw that there was a number of answers already.

Beleive me, it was a reason why I started such discussion -- I ask a question, then it is covered by unrelated answers, and it becames unanswered because of much noise around and nothing in particular.

Anyway, thank you for your attention,

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