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Obviously as your node has now been front-paged it will recieve tens... hundreds more votes then a node that is not front-paged. Because somebody thought this was an important and particularly good node they front-paged your node to the monastry gates and you recieve many more votes. (although I think this node is quite interesting and I probably would of done the same, but still a lot of people don't care about this node, or the others at "The Gates" To many people the gates is a way of casting all their daily votes easily at once and gain a few XP points by doing so)

(personally I think everynode is worthy of being on Perlmonks but users should be able to specify in a search the minimum/maximum XP points they want in the items returned by the search. Then if XP matters to you your search can take that into account, if not.. then you don't have to include it in the search)


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