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If you check out the source for Win32::NetAdmin at you can see that the function call for LoadUserProfile has been commented out (see adminmisc.cpp, line 1094). There is also a copy of the function itself. You may want to download the source and try to uncomment/recompile. If that does not work (assuming it is commented for a reason), then i would say Win32::API is the next stop.

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Re: Re: LoadUserProfile API-call?
by Ordinary_User (Beadle) on Sep 29, 2003 at 13:18 UTC
    Thanks for your advice!

    Allthough I can't find what your're referring to in the sourcecode I'm thinking of following your second advice and go for the Win32::API. Since changing the C-code would be mean more trouble for me, I guess using the Win32::API would be the "easier" way. ;-)