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do the following steps
1.put this file in a web server directory which executes cgi scripts and change permission to 755 (assuming a *nix server)
2.add print " Content-type: text/html \n\n" at top of the program
3.create a html form with a input box and a submit button
4. u can pass the num of tries either from a hidden variable from the HTML form or set a cookie
5. use and get the variables instead of reading from STDIN
hope this helps

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by chip_creep (Acolyte) on Jan 11, 2004 at 21:07 UTC
    Hi I'm back. While I haven't tried your post out yet, I did get a book on cgi so that should help me out as well. Will post again when I get some thing reasonable to work.

    Original post updated!!!!

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      Hey is your computer science companion. It's not waiting for imput and when you try to print $guess before the exit it does nothing, so guess doesn't ever get a value... I'll clean it up a bit and send it back...
        print "Content-type: text/html"; use CGI; $query = new CGI; print "<HTML><HEAD><title>Guess the number.</title></HEAD><BODY>"; print "<H1>DIRECTIONS:<br>Guess a number between 1 and 100 inclusiv +e.\n\n</H1>"; $random = int(rand(100)+1); for ($try=6;$try>0;$try--) { print "You have 1 try left. Use it wisely!<br>" if($try ==1); print "You have $try tries left.<br>" if($try !=1); print "What is your guess? --><br>"; print '<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="guess">'; print '<INPUT TYPE = "submit"><br>'; print "HA! HA! too HIGH." if ($guess>$random); print "OH! NO! too LOW." if ($guess<$random); if ($guess==$random){ print "'Bout time you guessed it. Stupid head.<br><br>" ; print"</BODY>"; exit; # print "The answer was $random. And so is your IQ.\n\n\nSTUPID +!!\n\n";exit; } } print "The answer was $random.<br> And so is your IQ.<br><br><br>STUPI +D!!"; print"</BODY>"; exit;
        There we go patty k... much cleaner.. htmled up even, the \n was doing NOTHING so I changed it to: <br>
        Howdy yo! thanks for taking a look at it. I'll be on my sisters computer now so i need d/l another editor. I will be back shortly.
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