Twitching Monk Software(tm) is proud to announce the addition of RSS feeds to the stats pages.

Tired of hitting reload on the site to see if your XP has changed? Don't run Windows(tm) so you can't use XPFixation? Can't use the VXML dialup service, because some lazy SOB programmer hasn't maintained it?

Well, problem solved! Crafted from only the finest American 1's and 0's, using the most powerful editor known to mankind (vi), and written in the languages of languages (ForthPerl), the RSS feeds are sure to satisfy XP whores, stats junkies, and collectors of useless information everywhere.<myhomenode #>

This feed generates an item for every XP change detected. This is pulled from the stats database, which updates once an hour. If no 'node' argument is provided, you'll be defaulted to watching vroom's XP change (only slightly less exciting than watching paint dry, crack, and peel, but more interesting than CSPAN). XP changes go back up to 7 days.

This feed displays each new node as an item, and includes the node title, author, creation date and node type. All node types are included (so you can spot those catchy new usernames). Only nodes created in the last 6 hours are pulled.

This feed displays an item for the daily $NORM value. $NORMs values go back up to 30 days.

Please hit the feeds as infrequently as you need to, and no more than once an hour. The databases are updated hourly, and hitting any more often will only anger the server maids, who may sweep you under the carpet.

The feeds have been tested with Thunderbird 1.5, Opera, and Straw 0.25.1. Other readers should work fine, but if not, please let me know.

Suggestions, questions, and operational deficiencies may be directed to Complaints may be directed to /dev/null.

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Re: RSS Feeds For XP Whores And Stats Junkies
by neflar (Initiate) on Jan 18, 2006 at 21:14 UTC
    the newnodes feed is currently broken as its not valid xml. looks as if a character in someone's title is causing the problem.
    <title>FB?sch (FBöhmisch)</title>

      Thanks, it's fixed now. Illegal characters are translated to underscores. Perhaps not the best solution, but since it's only what's displayed in the RSS feed, it shouldn't have much impact.


        Just out of curiosity are you repeating the RSS feed available from PM itself? Did you even know it exists?