<author id = 1127577"> CPUlidster </author> Why I don't vote or make comment I'm scared of the node reaper. I have a Perl Pocket Reference. Someone wrote a nasty thing about me. I am the head of my Perl Company and let others do that. I'm writing a book about basic stuff. I just like reading the books ok. There's always my code to comment about. I like to be in the minority. +++ Larry +++ said there is more than 1 way to do it. I use references instead. Better than Perl6. I'm from a small island with no internet. I'm 1 of those anonymous pricks. To young to vote so I don't comment. I don't how such a thing would create Perlmonks. Time is precious. ASCII isn't my first language. I use perldoc browser online. I prefer to pin the tail on the module donkey. Paper & pencil are my preferred option.