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1305 EDT 20150725:  updated re Turbo-Pascal. Arunbear caught my mistake in the reference, and the 1989 Ed. (now in the list) is closer to [davies original suggestion.

I have made revisions (as much as I could in accord with Arunbear's request at Re^4: poll ideas quest 2015), adding Tux' and davies' suggestions with credits and revising some links:

  1. The link for 'z80 Assy Lang' is changed from an eBay address to an Amazon address; no other satisfactory links were found. Perhaps the Amazon listing will last a bit longer than the eBay link
  2. See 20150725 update, above: The link for the davies' 1991 ed of 'Turbo Pascal' by Walter Savitch has been changed to a 1993 edition at Amazon. If the pollsters prefer, one may find or a 1992 example at a better choice. I found NO OTHER PAGES with a (decent) picture (which is part of the 'gag' for this poll) of the cover of the '91 edition
  3. the K&R link has been changed to a wikipedia address

Please ignore the troublesome reference to "OGB" -- Old Gray Bear-- in Re^3: poll ideas quest 2015; that was my mistake and is now irrelevant.

Revised, proposed poll content below the horizontal rule.

The oldest computer book (still) on my shelves or on my digital media is ...