in reply to Favourite modules March 2002

Let's see-- excluding pragmata, but allowing references to core modules, and not being cheesy and referencing any of my own CPAN modules:

  1. Data::Dumper - So useful in debugging, I've set my PERL5DB environment variable to be, "BEGIN { use Data::Dumper; require ''; }".
  2. SOAP::Lite - Using it more and more each day
  3. HTTP::Daemon - I've lost count of how many applications I've written that use this for their network layer
  4. Perl/GTK+ bindings - if only the code were as stable as Perl/Tk
  5. mod_perl - I'm always learning some new trick I can do with this one
  6. B::Terse - the opcode tree has proven indispensible when debugging core-dumps inside XS code
  7. XML::SAX - starting to use this more and more
  8. Devel::Peek - another indispensible tool for the XS programmer
  9. AutoLoader - dynamic loading for Perl code is good, especially when your (legacy) library has 30+ functions
  10. Image::Size - OK, I'm cheating here. But I do a lot of HTML authoring for a local hobby club's website, and getting the image dimensions in a cut-and-paste form is very handy and very time-saving

The ones that aren't linked are core modules, and you should be able to find their manual pages here or on your Perl installation. And yes, Image::Size is one of mine, but it really is one of my most-used pieces of code. And it was my very first CPAN submission, so I have a fondness for it.