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I think the above won't work as such, because it might find false matches (e.g. where the second line isn't aligned with the first.)

But, I could find the first line and then generate a multi-line regex with the rest of the search string, using /m as you suggest: something like   /^.{$pos}$string1.*\n^.{$pos}$string2.*/m to make it search only at the right position...
(Apologies for dodgy regex, not tested and probably wrong).

thanks for the tip, I should have thought of that already!


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Re: Re: Re: Two-dimensional match/regex?
by rsteinke (Scribe) on May 23, 2002 at 05:31 UTC
    You could always surround the terms which lie between the stuff you want to match with (), and check that $1, $2, etc. are the same length as the first, second, etc. line matched.