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Please read the documentation and the FAQ and all the other extensive documentation and nodes that has ever been written about this.

The front page should 'showcase' the entire site. Not just the elitist, 'k'ewl questions, complex regexes, or anything like that. It's to show the first point of presence (for most newcomers) what we're all about. And we're about everything Perl. If there's a simple question like 'hey, where can I find' then let's front-page it. I'm sure that will actually generate substantially more hits than your fancy regex anyway and cover a lot more ground.

- wil
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Re^2: Is the front page change too quickly?
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Dec 24, 2002 at 01:39 UTC
    Yep, that's just why I voted 'keep' on the consideration to remove Push onto arrays in a hash? from the frontpage. It may be "a simple question" that "has been answered just a couple of days ago", but I figure that is exactly why it should be there. The 'gates is where newcomers make first contact. If this is a question that came up multiple times recently, why not put it on the frontpage so that maybe the next bunch of newcomers that might have the same question will step on it first thing?

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