in reply to Plagiarism??

I'm a studnet myself. I know that students always try to do some workarond just not to work by themselves.
Anyway plagiarism shoud be punished.
One of my profesors requires that we put suitable credits everywhere, where we cite more than one sentence or something important, even if we rewrite it in our way...
Why? Becouse being a student doesn't mean to discover new energy sources, new stars, bacterias, whatever... Being a student is to learn how to find the right knowledge source, use it (providing suitable credits or disclaimers), and to get to some useful (usually own) conclusions. The same is with profesors :-]
In some disciplines you just can't invent something new just like that (ie. in chemistry), but Perl is not one of those (TIMTOWTDI).

As for me this student has simply copied the code and haven't provided suitable credit - so he should not pass his project. The only good news is, that he was smart enough to know where to search for solution :-]

Greetz, Tom.