It's not hot news, but still: pre-registration is now open for YAPC::Europe in Paris. Please point your browser to and click on 'Register'. Fill in the pink form.

This is a very straightforward process. You don't have to pay yet. This will let us know how many people actually intend to come. You will be reminded when the billing system is ready to accept your payment. That should be in a few weeks time.

The goal is to create an online (and paper) who's who for this YAPC::Europe. You can even give your Perlmonks id, and your information page will point back on your home node.

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Re: YAPC::Europe 2003 in Paris registration is open
by CountZero (Bishop) on Apr 18, 2003 at 16:03 UTC

    That's indeed good news! I was just about to loose all hope.

    Now where did I put my compass, so I can point my browser to Paris?


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