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The problem is most likely that while your script is in the cgi-bin directory, and has ExecCGI permissions, the file "C:\\Program Files\\Apache Group\\Apache2\\htdocs\\projects\\Generate_Conc_xls\\test2.txt" is in a directory which does not.

What you probably need is a .htaccess file in the "C:\\Program Files\\Apache Group\\Apache2\\htdocs\\projects\\Generate_Conc_xls\\" directory. Or perhaps another Directory statement in httpd.conf.

I'll leave it to you to "google it out" from there, since I suspect this is more Apache/Windows-related than Perl-related. However, since it is windows and you can't just set the permissions on the file and dir in question to that of the webserver owner, the script probably can't access the file during runtime unless it also has ExecCGI.

Don't forget to check the apache error_log for clues - this will point you in the right direction. Afterthought: maybe it has to do with the backslashes in the path; you may be able to get away with forward slashes -- I've seen it go both ways (wacky windoze!). Good luck!
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