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This one also contains a hidden message, for those inclined to dig deep. The message can be revealed by running the program in a certain way. If you run the script, you may understand more...

Some of the posts "below" this one give away some of what this program. If you are truly sadistic and want to figure out what it does before running it, don't read any further. :)

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Re: Re: Perl Racer
by a (Friar) on Jan 10, 2001 at 09:55 UTC
    Chipmunk!!! Nope, I'm lost. I get what appears to be Galaga (just played it on the 20th anniversary machine - 50 cents!) and then I'm off the cliff, no matter what.


      I dunno, I managed to hit a barrel. The steering seems to be a little shakey.

      Update: I especially liked the use of $JAPH (more so now that I'm getting the hang of the steering.)

      Ok I got a Score of 332 in easy mode. Maybe I'll try for a better score later. Nice code turnstep!