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I think tye made some changes to site policy with respect to robots a few weeks after Are monks hibernating?. Would it be possible to compare the last three months, say, with the same period last year and previous years?

Update: Here is that information, number of top nodes for each month May-Sep, obtained from jcwren's PTAV (as referenced by grinder in Re: Are monks hibernating?), followed by the same data normalized to the month in 2002:

Sep 665 650 958 921 966 951
Aug 802 733 995100010221149
Jul 722 7251024101011761203
Jun 651 7581046103810951037
May 673 735108810209721142

Sep6968100 96101100
Aug6963 86 87 88100
Jul6060 85 83 97100
May5864 95 89 85100
SUM6465 93 91 95100

I am sure to have made some mistakes, but the general idea should stay in the same ballpark:

Perlmonks top nodes frequency is only one indicator of interest in Perl. Other indicators include job postings and tiobe. Cheers.