in reply to UTF8 Validity

For all my encoding needs, I use Encode. Encode concurs that "\xCC\xE5" is invalid UTF-8.

use Encode qw( decode FB_CROAK ); my $s_utf8 = "\xCC\xE5"; print("utf8::valid = ", utf8::valid($s_utf8)?1:0,"\n"); my $s_chars = eval { decode('UTF-8', $s_utf8, FB_CROAK) }; print("valid decode = ", defined($s_chars)?1:0,"\n");
utf8::valid = 1 valid decode = 0

I'm having problems locating where utf8::valid is implemented, so I don't know why it considers the string valid. I suspect it returns true for all strings of bytes (aka binary strings, strings with UTF8 flag off) such as $s_utf8 in my code.