in reply to Closing and re-opening the DATA Filehandle

This is truly a perplexing problem. Here's a possible solution involving pipes: (tested code)
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use IO::Handle; pipe(READ,WRITE) or die; READ->autoflush(1); #just to be safe WRITE->autoflush(1); my $data=<DATA>; print $data; print WRITE $data; *DATA=*READ; my $data2=<DATA>; print $data2; __DATA__ TESTDATA
It kind of shocked me that *DATA was not read-only. After reading from the pipe, just write the same thing back and you'll have an infinite supply of DATA. This can be easily adapted for lines of DATA but be beware of autoflushing. I came across some pitfalls involving non-flushing data in the handles when I was doing something similar.
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