I think that the online book Exploring Programming Language Architecture in Perl would make a great addition to the Tutorials section, probably in one of the "Miscellaneous Perl Tutorials" or "Other Topics" sections.

It's an excellent (free) book written on a subject which every Perl programmer should probably be at least passingly familiar with (programming languages, parsers, and interpreters, that is).

Another thing that I like about it is that it walks the beginning programmer through the entire process of building a full-featured, large-scale application -- namely a parser and interpreter(it even shows how to write tests!), which is something that many tutorials with their "Hello world" and "Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius" examples do not effectively teach.

Jesse Taylor
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Re: Suggestion for addition to Tutorials section
by Limbic~Region (Chancellor) on Oct 01, 2009 at 21:22 UTC
      I have /msg'd them now with a link to this node -- sorry for not reading the intro to the "Tutorials" section more carefully. Thanks for pointing that out.

      --Jesse Taylor
Re: Suggestion for addition to Tutorials section
by jdporter (Canon) on Oct 02, 2009 at 18:07 UTC

    Doesn't look like a Perl tutorial to me. So I added it to Perl Reference Materials: Books. However, I'm not sure it belongs there, as it isn't a Perl reference book either. In fact — having only skimmed the book, it looks to me like it is not a Perl book at all, but a comp.sci text which just happens to use Perl, for illustrative purposes only.

      Well, it is as much of a Perl tutorial as Learn vi/vim in 50 lines and 15 minutes or Using CVS for revision control -- more so, in fact.

      I realize that it is not a Perl tutorial, in the sense of its purpose being to teach nothing but the Perl language -- it's a tutorial on writing a parser and interpreter, using Perl.

      But, as I said, I think that it is one of the few free online tutorials that I've found which shows how to use Perl to construct software on a larger scale than "Hello world", and "Create a class, instantiate object, call method, done". That is why I think that it belongs in the Tutorials section.

      --Jesse Taylor