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Well, I'm here in a stupid little cubicle, in a corner away from windows (real windows), in front of some really ugly Windows..... (NT). Luckily my Perl coding is in SunOS :-) I did have the absolute pleasure of working from home the week after my son was born. Work can be pleasurable when you have you 4 day old son sleeping in on your lap while you code away the time.... I've heard many stories of people that just can't work from home due to the distractions. My week at home was a great test of my ability to get work done, and I'm glad to find I had no problems. I definitely had distractions, but they were fewer and shorter than the distractions at work! Now I just have to find the perfect job that allows me to work from home.... And yes, I'm jelous of those of you sitting in a comfy chair at home right now. But then again, you give me hope!!! --- MungeMeister