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Think about Loose Coupling

olus's scratchpad

by olus (Curate)
on Jan 11, 2006 at 11:50 UTC ( #522409=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

select distinct from ta, tb, lnk where and +lnk.ib and ('b1' or'b4'); returns a1 a2 insert into lnk values(1,1); --a1, b1 insert into lnk values(1,2); insert into lnk values(1,3); insert into lnk values(2,1); --a2, b1 insert into lnk values(2,4); --a2, b4 insert into lnk values(2,5); insert into lnk values(2,6);

function update_concelho() { var i = document.pesquisa.distrito.options[document.pesquisa.distrit +o.selectedIndex].value; document.pesquisa.concelho.length = 0; var varname = 'name' + i; var varids = 'ids' + i; var ar_name = eval(varname); var ar_ids = eval(varids); len = ar_name.length; for(j = 0; j < len; j++) { if(ar_ids[j] == 0) { document.pesquisa.concelho.options[j] = new Option(ar_name +[j], ar_ids[j]); document.pesquisa.concelho.options[j].selected = true; } else { document.pesquisa.concelho.options[j] = new Option(ar_name +[j], ar_ids[j]); } } ............ var name8 = new Array("Ílhavo","Mealhada","Murtosa","Oliveira de Azemé +is","Ovar","Oliveira do Bairro","Santa Maria da Feira","São João da M +adeira","Sever do Vouga","Vagos","Vale de Cambra","Anadia","Arouca"," +Águeda","Aveiro","Albergaria-a-Velha","Castelo de Paiva","Espinho","E +starreja") var ids8 = new Array("118","142","163","177","182","187","231","238"," +252","269","271","30","36","4","40","7","70","90","92") }
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