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Extended Patterns of Regular Expressions

by OM_Zen (Scribe)
on Feb 19, 2003 at 22:47 UTC ( #236866=perltutorial: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    my $cust_code  = “SILICONEXSiliconex-wafers”;
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    my $pattern = "(?i)SILICONEXsiliconex-wafers";
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         (?i) as /i for case sensitive pattern notation 
              or a combination of the flags
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    my $sub_contract="SILICONEXsiliconex-wafers ^M NOTE1-- a shipment in ^
    +M backlog calc note for 
    [ for 
    the shipping dates the contract is delivered ] [ 1 a shipment in  back
    +log calc note ]
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        s/(?m:(\^M|--))/ /g 
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    (?=     indicates a positive forward(look_ahead) assertion
    (?<=    indicates a positive backward(look_behind) assertion
    (?<!    indicates a negative backward(look_behind) assertion
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         $product = "MOTOROLAx|xx|xx|x01-01-1900x|xYx|x";
         $product =~ s/x\|xx\|x/x\|x x\|x/g;
         [ MOTOROLAx|x x|xx|x01-01-1900x|xYx|x ]
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     [ MOTOROLAx|x x|xx|x01-01-1900x|xYx|x ]
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    $product = "MOTOROLAx|xx|xx|x01-01-1900x|xYx|x";
    $product =~ s/(?<=\|)xx(?=\|)/x x/g;
    [ MOTOROLAx|x x|x x|x01-01-1900x|xYx|x ]
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    $product = "MOTOROLAx|xx|xx|x01-01-1900x|xYx|xx";
    $product =~ s/(?<=\|)xx(?=(\||$)/x x/g;
    [ MOTOROLAx|x x|x x|x01-01-1900x|xYx|x x ]

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