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Re: quston n File::Find

by 2teez (Vicar)
on Oct 30, 2012 at 09:54 UTC ( #1001481=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to question n File::Find

Here are some of the things I spotted in your wanted sub. open temp_file_cy, "$File::Find::name;

  1. I think you want to use a lexical variable my $temp_file_cy instead of a bareword temp_file_cy as your file-handle
  2. then, "$File::Find::name has only one quote at the beginning.
  3. If you may, use 3 agrument open function, then check error if file is not opened
  4. I will advise you use warnings and strict in your script. As it shows several 'mis-typed' variables. It will help alot
With a second check on the usage of the file test using "-r" in this line:
print "hello 1\n" if (-r tep_file_cy);
check perldoc -f -r
-r File is readable by effective uid/gid.
If 'tep_file_cy' is the file you trying to check up, not been used as file-handle.
Except, you have something else in mind.

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If you show me, I'll remember.
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Re^2: quston n File::Find
by skyworld_chen (Acolyte) on Oct 30, 2012 at 12:09 UTC

    thanks for your kind reply.

    a) in fact I insert"use warnings" and "use strict" in my code. I just omitted them for simple demo of my code. And in my real code I didn't miss quote, it is a type error here. Any way, thanks for your kind remind.

    b) accroding to your ideas,I use

    open $temp_file_cy, "$File::Find::name"

    it is interesting that I haven't see "open $filehandle ...", but always "open filehandle ...". in the text book. Can you tell me the difference between them? thanks.

    c) I have checked the attributes of those files, they are all -rw-rw----, so I guess "-r " should be ok here. In fact what I want to do really is this:

     my @matching = grep {/$pattern/} <temp_file_cy>;  

    I always get this message: " readline() on unopened filehandle temp_file_cy at ../cy_find line 99", which make me to insert code "-r temp_file_cy" to see what happened

    can you give me some help on this? thanks

      Maybe there was an error in opening the file. Try autodie or check for errors like this:
      unless (open my $filehandle,"<",$File::Find::name) { warn $!; return; }
      Sorry if my advice was wrong.


        thank your for your advice. I used your advice in my code and this time the error message is as this:

        "No such file or directory at ......."

        I'm sure there are those files and I checked the log to find all "No such file" are files under sub-directory. I guess this maybe a "problem" of File::Find? or maybe I used something wrong in my code? thanks.

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