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Re^5: A click and hold button (Tk::bind Tk::Menu)

by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 01, 2013 at 08:30 UTC ( #1047392=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: A click and hold button (Tk::bind clickon clickoff)
in thread A click and hold button

I don't have widgetdump on my release, and can't install new perl version.

You don't need to install a new perl version, its a module, you install it, it lets you interrogate Tk widgets. cpan -i Tk::WidgetDump or cpanp -i Tk::WidgetDump or  cpanm Tk::WidgetDump... How to install CPAN modules into ActivePerl, A Guide to Installing Modules, ... Yes, even you can use CPAN, A Guide to Installing Modules, Top 11 (GOOD) reasons not to use someone else's Modules, Top Seven (Bad) Reasons Not To Use Modules

Can you please explain on how can I edit Menubutton to add click functionality and to only invoke the menu on click and hold. Thanks

Well, the logic is exactly the same as I already described, so I don't think I can add anything else

OTOH, this is beginning to sound more like a menu, so after looking at

widget - Demonstration of Perl/Tk widgets, Menus : 1. Menus and cascades (sub-menus), I noticed the menu-cascades exibit a delay . You might be able to learn some things about buttons if you look that the source, and that of Tk::Menu, about bind stuff and invoking and things like that

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