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inspirational sudo-code?

by perlaintdead (Scribe)
on Dec 05, 2013 at 02:58 UTC ( #1065698=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I tried to use proper syntax as much as possible but it doesn't actually execute.

#!/usr/bin/perl study $science; open $doors,">","success.txt"; BEGIN aNewLife() and use Hard::Work; push for(;;){},"a brighter future"; do not do $meth; do not return 2, -e$x-$girlfriend; shift @yourPerspective; exit $fear;

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Re: inspirational sudo-code?
by MidLifeXis (Monsignor) on Dec 05, 2013 at 13:20 UTC

    sudo-code? I wouldn't let root touch that with a 10 foot pole :-).


      guess i should have spelled that properly. ei. pseudo

        That's ok. It was a nice set up :-)


Re: inspirational sudo-code?
by Bogenmaas (Novice) on Jun 13, 2014 at 23:11 UTC

    that's my approach on your nice little poem ;)
    and it's runnable!

    #!/usr/bin/perl sub aNewLife { mkdir 'Hard' if !-d 'Hard'; open EFFORT, ">Hard/"; print EFFORT "package Hard::Work; 1;"; close EFFORT; } study $science; open $doors,">","success.txt"; BEGIN { aNewLife; } use Hard::Work; for(;;){push @me, "to a brighter future at"; last}; sub advice { do not return 2, -e$x-$girlfriend or -e$x-$boyfriend; } shift @yourPerspective; exit $fear; "don't use drugs" or die $!; sub new { my $self = bless { 'by' => 'God' }; return $self; }

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