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by Mago (Parson)
on Dec 19, 2001 at 18:10 UTC ( #133118=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Consultor especialista em desenvolvimento de sistemas. Já atuou em diversos projetos como consultor especialista nas empresas do segmento de Telecomunicações, Possui conhecimento e experiência em C, C++ e Perl, na aplicação de gerenciamento de dados (data minning). Membro atuante do Brasil Perl Mongers e Perlmonks, conhecido como "O Mago", desenvolve trabalhos de divulgação e fortalecimento da Perl no Brasil.

Realiza palestras, cursos e workshops sobre Perl em diversos lugares do Brasil, para maiores informações acesse o site do

Software Development Consultant.
Has been working on several projects for telecommunications companies.
Has knowledge and experience on C, C++ and Perl for data minning.
Active member of Perl Mongers e Perlmonks, known as "Mago", works for divulge and enforce Perl in Brazil.

Gives lectures, courses and workshops on Perl in several spots all over Brazil.
For further information browse to

Check my schedule!

Membro do Brasil Perl Mongers / Member of Brasil Perl Mongers

E-mail para contato:

Perfil Técnico / Technical Profile

Linguagens de Programação / Programming Languages:
Perl, Shell S‎crip‎t, C e C++.

Banco de Dados / Databases:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SyBase, SQL e PL/SQL Oracle.

Sistemas Operacionais / Operational Systems:
Unix e GNU/Linux.

Ferramentas / Tools:
Nagios, Cacti, Talend, Pequel, SyncSort.

Telecom (OSS/BSS):
Engineering, Mediation, Billing (ARBOR, AMDOCS, BSCS e Geneva), Co-Billing e Data Warehouse.

Resumo / Resume

Version: 0.01


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[Discipulus]: yes marto I understood
[Corion]: Discipulus: I'm slowly migrating my code to require 5.8.x ;) Most of my code works on 5.6, but Filter::signatures requires 5.10 I think
[Corion]: 5.14 is also a good target, widely available and fairly stable. Also, over five years old, which doesn't push people into a needless upgrade cycle
[Discipulus]: yes I saw your efforts Corion but the pain is worth?
[Corion]: Discipulus: IMO it's not that much pain, but most of the systems I use have a Perl 5.14 or newer on them nowadays
[marto]: the question is more, is Padre still the way new users should be directed?
[Discipulus]: ah ah I have all 5.26 atm but I play alone..
[Corion]: Except this RHEL box, which comes with Perl 5.10.1 , but there I installed my own 5.20.3 for the real Perl programs we run ;)
[Corion]: marto: I used Padre for some time but then switched to Notepad++, since all the funky features I wanted to put into Padre couldn't be made to work, and/or I lost interest :)
[Discipulus]: indeed marto I dunno. I tested once and many years ago. But I'm not the programmer yardstick. I try to install Padre via cpan now just to add a line about it in the issue. Strawberryperl all life long!

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