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Re: Too much positive votes on questions (Seekers of Perl Wisdom)

by little (Curate)
on May 04, 2003 at 13:00 UTC ( #255466=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Too much positive votes on questions (Seekers of Perl Wisdom)

It's nice to hear your opinion on that issue but please respect others opinions as well.

Don't even think about limiting me or others in any way to make own free decisions.

There where no rules for voting, there are none and there will be none! Period.

As a side note to your last sentence
...otherwise people will be encouraged to write more questions than replys.
cool, yeah , let them post questions and you come to think of that one will put a lot of work into his question. And oh yeah then - compared to other questions - he might have more precisely described the problem, documented failing attempts for a solution and even refers to sources he studies and reports about his problems using the one or the other module.

In the end it comes out as it is now. The vast majority of votes goes to nodes that give answers or raise questions. Why to limit voting only to those nodes who give answers? An intersting answer in my opinion raises at least one new question.

Have a nice day
All decision is left to your taste

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