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Re: The sort of fiction you're most likely to find me reading:

by talexb (Canon)
on Sep 05, 2003 at 19:24 UTC ( #289330=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to The sort of fiction you're most likely to find me reading:

I love fiction .. even fiction based on real events like Gone with the Wind which I just read for the first time last month. Quite a story, rich with detail, interesting characters, fascinating historical detail. And was there a sequel? Certainly the book ended with things (more or less) settled, but ..

Alas, no John D. MacDonald (sp?) is on the list, nor any Tom Clancy .. although the latest of his that I read (Red Rabit) was surprisingly lame. Quite readable, but somewhat improbable and without any real climax. Disappointing.

Slash has an announcement about an old Heinlein novel that's been discovered .. not sure if I'm looking forward to that or not. Some of his stories were hit and miss.

I did read the latest Harry Potter though -- probably the best story of the bunch, and Harry is angry throughout most of the book. Good character development, more of an adult's book than a kids book.

I do want to read about how Germany worked its way out of the Reichsmark disaster in the 1930s .. apparently they issued 'rented marks' .. if anyone can suggest a source, I'd love to read it.

So many books, so little time ..

--t. alex
Life is short: get busy!
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Re: Re: The sort of fiction you're most likely to find me reading:
by advocate (Scribe) on Sep 06, 2003 at 15:54 UTC
    I've spent the last three years studying History and one of the topics was the rise of Hitler. I do make a habit of collecting history books and *borrowing* the school text books but haven't found a book specifically on Germany's economy for that period, yet. I would suggest any book focusing on the reparations Germany were forced to pay after the Treaty of Versailles or of the Great Depression as that's what led to the hyperinflation. So...I don't know of any decent books covering this but..there's always the web :-) If anyone else knows of any books though that would be great :)

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