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Re: RFC: A Perl module for DirectX

by jdrago999 (Pilgrim)
on Mar 18, 2010 at 19:04 UTC ( #829472=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RFC: A Perl module for DirectX

I don't have any experience with DirectX, but I really like your idea. Please go full-steam-ahead and make the module!

"So far, the interface is only a thin wrapper around the DirectX methods. In time, I hope to create an interface that is much simpler to use, especially for those who would like to use the module, but have little to no experience with DirectX."

I do have some advice here: Just make the thin interface for now. Consider the "simpler interface" an optimization - and we all know...

Premature Optimization is the Root of All Evil

So stick with the thin wrapper - if nothing else, the methods in your wrapper will be mostly familiar to anyone with previous experience using "normal" DirectX. As a side-benefit, if you don't wander too far away from the original interface then users of your module can also reflect on documentation from the original DirectX interface (maybe).

If the "thin wrapper" approach you take becomes popular then expect others to write some more Perlish wrappers around your module - in specific ways that you may not have thought of.

So the moral, I suppose is:

Keep It Simple, Smartypants

Leave the optimization for later (or someone else).

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