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Re: Perl and Windows 7

by davido (Archbishop)
on Aug 01, 2012 at 17:59 UTC ( #984854=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl and Windows 7

I think all the anecdotal evidence that Perl works just fine on Windows 7 is failing to really answer the question until someone takes the time to comment on the specific stack / toolchain the OP mentioned:

  • Moose: Seems to have a clean tester's matrix for Win.
  • DBD::mysql: This is problematic, as it requires that the target system install MySQL Server first. Many GNU/Linux dists come with MySQL preinstalled, but Windows doesn't. Consequently, the tester's matrix looks terrible for DBD::mysql, when it's really not as bad as it sounds. I haven't specifically tested on Win7, but have on Vista with no problem.
  • DBD::SQLite: No problem on any version of Windows I've used, and it has a pretty clean tester's matrix too.
  • DBIx::Class: I've installed it on Windows Vista.
  • Catalyst: I don't think I've installed Catalyst on a Windows system, but I don't recall for sure.
  • Dancer: Should be no problem. The tester's matrix is clean. I've never installed it on Windows.
  • ...and such...: I've installed Mojolicious on just about everything, including Win7. If you have other specific concerns please mention them.
  • Perl itself: I've installed Strawberry (32 and 64) on Win7, as well as ActiveState Perl. I usually use Strawberry on Win (out of habit), but I understand that ActiveState has gotten a lot better with respect to providing the tools necessary to use the standard cpan utilities. My original reason for shifting to Strawberry Perl several years back is probably mostly moot if this is the case.

If you don't get anyone with specific experience installing Catalyst and DBD::mysql on Win7, send me a reminder /msg, and I'll reboot one of my systems to Win7 and do some test installs for you. It's obviously easier for me if someone else has already worked with those modules on Win7, but if not, after I get your /msg I'll go ahead and put them through their paces after which I'll follow-up here.


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Re^2: Perl and Windows 7
by davido (Archbishop) on Aug 02, 2012 at 03:24 UTC

    Following-up to my previous post...

    I booted to Windows 7 Home Premium. 64-bit Strawberry Perl v5.14. It's a pretty clean slate because I mostly use it with VisualStudio 2010. The rest of the time the system lives booted to Ubuntu Linux, so Windows stays pretty much pristine. I had already installed Strawberry Perl in the past, but practically no non-core modules.

    • cpan App::cpanminus: No problem. All the rest were installed with cpanm.
    • DBD::mysql: Had to install MySQL server first. Then it installed without a hitch.
    • DBD::sqlite: No problem.
    • DBIx::Class: No problem.
    • Dancer and Mojolicious: No problem.
    • Catalyst: No problem.
    • Moose: Pulled in by Catalyst... no problem.
    • DBI, DBIx::Connector: No problem.

    By "No problem", I mean they passed their test suites and installed cleanly with cpanminus. Those modules' test suites are probably extensive enough to give you confidence that you'll be able to actually use the modules as they're intended to be used.

    I think that covers your list. Let me know if there are others that you are concerned about. Most of this is also covered by the CPAN testers reports, but DBD::mysql and Catalyst seem to not be adequately represented on the Windows platforms by those reports.


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