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This is a list of all of the polls ever issued, in reverse chronological order. The newest/current poll is at the top.

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My favourite way to spend a leap day pollsters2024-02-10 16:10
How anonymous are you?by hippo2024-01-01 12:43
What's your preferred 'use VERSION' for new CPAN modules in 2023?by kcott2023-12-01 17:12
How often do you go to conferences?by Arunbear2023-06-02 21:44
Which type of climate do you prefer to live in?by Arunbear2023-03-01 23:06
I prefer not to run the latest version of Perl because:by hippo2023-02-01 12:21
My favourite new Perl feature (in 2022) Arunbear2022-11-02 13:12
My preferred way to holiday/vacation is:by perldigious2022-10-01 14:48
I prefer my indexes to start at:by Arunbear2022-09-01 09:56
My most frequent journeys are powered by:by pollsters2022-06-02 11:31
Do you prefer to work remotely?by pollsters2022-05-01 13:30
If someone digitizes my brain, I want it converted to cavac2022-04-01 11:39
My preferred post-apocalyptic world to live in if I had to choose one:by perldigious2022-02-01 22:24
In 2022, my preferred method to securely store passwords is:by cavac2022-01-01 12:27
R or B?by Discipulus2021-12-01 10:19
My first memorable Perl project was:by duelafn2021-10-01 20:51
My primary motivation for participating at PerlMonks is:by eyepopslikeamosquito2021-08-01 10:38
What does the "s" stand for in "perls"?by hippo2021-06-01 09:58
Perl 7 will be out hippo2021-05-01 10:11
My favorite kind of desktop background is:by thomas8952021-03-01 11:37
The STEM quote I most wish I'd made is:by davies2021-01-01 16:30
How often do you use taint mode?by Arunbear2020-12-01 10:10
My favourite web site is:by davies2020-10-01 09:43
If at first I don’t succeed, I …by pollsters2020-09-01 12:55
Which rocket would you take to Mars?by duelafn2020-08-01 17:45
Do you really want to know if there is extraterrestrial life?by karlgoethebier2020-06-01 13:59
If programming languages were movie genres, Perl would be:by Eily2020-05-01 10:08
The most amusing oxymoron is:by Lotus12020-04-01 11:15
To "Disagree to disagree" means to:by chacham2020-03-02 10:46
What numbers are you going to focus on primarily in 2020?by harangzsolt332020-02-01 21:30
The worst excuse I have ever heard is:by davies2020-01-01 22:59
Strict and warnings: which comes first?by choroba2019-11-07 11:19
In 2019 the site I miss most is:by hippo2019-10-08 11:57
The room is dark, and your next move is chacham2019-09-01 11:29
If you were the first to set foot on the Moon, what would be your epigram?by Arunbear2019-07-20 18:48
Is there a future for codeless software?by pollsters2019-06-02 20:01
Do you enjoy 3D movies?by Arunbear2019-05-01 15:13
I am most likely to install a new module from CPAN if:by hippo2019-04-01 16:12
How do you Carpe diem?by Arunbear2019-03-05 10:52
I use postfix dereferencing hippo2019-02-02 14:38
After Perl5, I'm mostly interested in:by kschwab2019-01-03 10:37
How many stories does it take before you've heard them all?by Arunbear2018-12-01 16:39
My code is most likely broken because:by Eily2018-11-02 14:34
When I need money for a bigger acquisition, I usually Ratazong2018-10-01 11:45
Eventually, "covfefe" will come to mean:by davies2018-09-02 21:18
Asked to put a square peg in a round hole, I would:by chacham2018-08-01 16:21
It has been suggested to rename Perl 6 in order to boost its marketing potential. Which name would you prefer?by martin2018-07-01 12:48
Should cpanminus be part of the standard Perl release?by marto2018-06-01 10:47
World peace can best be achieved by:by chacham2018-05-01 14:38
My travels bear the most uncanny semblance to pollsters2018-04-01 19:50
When I think of a mole I think of:by wjw2018-03-01 16:15
When it is dark outside I am happiest to see hippo2018-02-01 17:56
How did you see in the new year?by kcott2018-01-02 12:06
What programming language do you hate the most?by choroba2017-12-01 21:11
In order to be able to say "I know Perl", you must have:by chacham2017-11-01 10:53
My fridge is mostly full of:by Eily2017-10-01 22:12
During the recent solar eclipse, I:by ExReg2017-09-01 20:19
Who is your favorite scientist and why?by karlgoethebier2017-08-01 13:02
I came, I saw, I chacham2017-07-01 11:48
How many monitors do you use while coding?by davido2017-06-01 10:46
My favorite model of computation is AppleFritter2017-05-02 14:26
I'm a fool:by chacham2017-04-01 12:09
Should Pluto Get Its Planethood Back?by Arunbear2017-03-02 10:57
Before electricity was invented, what was the Electric Eel called?by chacham2017-02-01 11:46
Do you watch meteor showers?by chacham2017-01-04 11:44
On a regular basis, I'm most likely to spy upon:by shmem2016-12-01 11:12
If I found the source code for the Universe, the first thing I'd do:by chacham2016-11-01 13:12
How many different varieties (color, size, etc) of socks do you have in your sock drawer?by Pope-O-Matik2016-10-01 17:36
Extraterrestrials haven't visited the Earth yet because:by Arunbear2016-09-01 10:24
The best thing I ever won in a lottery was:by chacham2016-08-01 09:59
What is your favorite alternate name for a (specific) keyboard key?by chacham2016-07-01 13:49
My preferred method of making French fries (chips) is in a ambrus2016-06-02 17:24
What font do you use for programming?by choroba2016-05-01 18:04
:nehw tseb si esrever ni gnitirWby chacham2016-04-01 02:38
My favorite day in March is:by chacham2016-03-15 10:46
When do you celebrate a February 29th birthday in a non-leap year?by chacham2016-02-29 11:12
How many photographs, souvenirs, artworks, trophies or other decorative objects are displayed in your home?by ambrus2016-02-01 10:58
My greatest coding sin is:by chacham2016-01-01 13:20
My keyboard shows this many letters:by Corion2015-12-01 11:07
What would be the most significant thing to happen if a rope (or wire) tied the Earth and the Moon together?by Pope-O-Matik2015-11-01 16:23
Does Humor Belong in Programming?by karlgoethebier2015-10-01 09:38
My preferred temperature scale is:by chacham2015-09-01 10:21
The oldest computer book still on my shelves (or on my digital media) is ww2015-08-02 13:09
The top three priorities of my open tasks are (in descending order of likelihood to be worked on) Corion2015-07-01 15:01
What kind of chocolate gives you the most pleasure?by ambrus2015-06-01 09:50
In my home, the TV remote control is davies2015-05-01 12:41
Who makes your decisions?by Arunbear2015-04-01 09:32
When putting a smiley right before a closing parenthesis, do you:by chacham2015-03-01 14:25
On my keyboard, Caps lock is:by chacham2015-02-01 13:42
My top resolution in 2015 is:by Discipulus2015-01-16 13:48
Which day would you prefer to start the year on?by Happy-the-monk2015-01-01 12:02
Is guessing a good strategy for surviving in the IT business?by karlgoethebier2014-12-17 11:14
What is your first line of defence against computer viruses?by chacham2014-12-01 11:20
My preferred Perl binaries come from:by chacham2014-11-17 11:58
If a safe, affordable anti-ageing treatment that extended life indefinitely were to become available, would you take it?by Arunbear2014-11-01 12:17
For retirement, I am banking on:by chacham2014-10-16 10:08
What is your favourite meta-syntactic variable name?by gregor422014-10-01 09:46
How do you remember the number of days in each month?by chacham2014-09-16 10:04
My favorite cookbook is:by chacham2014-09-01 09:47
The best computer themed movie is:by marto2014-08-16 09:27
Who would be the most fun to work for?by Arunbear2014-08-01 09:41
My favorite superfluous repetitious redundant duplicative phrase is:by chacham2014-07-16 10:33
When choosing user names for websites, I prefer to use:by chacham2014-07-01 10:53
When I want to check the accuracy of some widely held belief, I use:by chacham2014-06-01 16:28
In base 1, the number after 0 is:by chacham2014-05-01 09:51
April first is:by chacham2014-04-01 09:43
Have you used a cryptocurrency?by Arunbear2014-03-01 14:42
How much time would you spend in the Monastery if you became very wealthy?by ambrus2014-02-01 12:06
2014 will be the year of tobyink2014-01-01 00:38
How do you parse XML?by Discipulus2013-12-01 23:18
When another intelligent species appears on Earth, humanity shall …by ambrus2013-11-01 23:57
Which of these scares you the most?by pachydermic2013-10-01 11:36
When travelling, what level of existential comfort do you require?by zentara2013-09-01 13:26
Markup tags should be written in:by FloydATC2013-08-01 09:45
If I were the Pauper who found a security hole that allows privilege escalation, I'd …by ambrus2013-07-01 09:42
How many continents have you visited?by Arunbear2013-06-01 11:38
The best material for plates (tableware) is:by ambrus2013-05-01 09:45
The four basic classes of nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and…by ambrus2013-04-15 05:52
How many man-hours would you estimate you have invested in learning Perl?by punch_card_don2013-04-01 15:11
Where were you at epoch == 0 ?by talexb2013-03-01 10:33
I usually boil water for tea using a(n) ambrus2013-02-01 10:42
New year, new Arunbear2013-01-01 12:43
When writing code for end users, what operator error surprises you the most?by ksublondie2012-11-20 13:19
What would you miss the most in a post-apocalyptic world?by mrguy1232012-10-20 15:58
Node 1000000 will be:by marto2012-10-19 14:22
When my script doesn't work, I cavac2012-10-01 13:15
Email subject lines should be written:by chacham2012-09-01 13:20
My project estimates are based on:by cavac2012-08-01 11:32
My most common answer to a question about Perl is:by cdarke2012-07-01 21:25
What operator should perl5porters use for safe dereferencing?by de-merphq2012-05-29 13:24
My favourite stuffed toy is a(n)…by ambrus2012-05-01 10:10
I deliberately tell lies to children about …by ambrus2012-04-01 12:24
My favorite silent English letter is:by chacham2012-02-29 12:08
When I see "10", I think:by chacham2012-02-01 10:56
This year I'm most looking forward to Arunbear2012-01-01 12:24
Daylight saving time in my region should Arunbear2011-12-01 10:39
The greatest source of my XP is:by davies2011-11-02 00:01
The most important thing I have forgotten to do because I was writing code:by ColdCoffee2011-10-01 09:24
If I told you "you have something here" as I touch my left cheek, do santi_h872011-09-01 10:08
I most frequently clean ambrus2011-08-01 10:23
When I die, I petecm992011-07-01 09:48
When I'm not coding in Perl, I'm:by apl2011-06-01 12:23
If the universe was more like Perl, I cavac2011-05-01 09:56
My favorite hoax was:by apl2011-04-01 09:41
On April Fools' Day, I' ww2011-03-20 11:21
The best object to provide scale on a photo showing a small object is:by ambrus2011-03-01 11:14
The greatest love of my life is:by apl2011-02-14 11:15
How often do you laugh?by Arunbear2011-02-01 11:13
I'm looking forward to 2011 the way I once looked forward to apl2011-01-01 13:21
I plan to spend New Years Day:by apl2010-12-24 11:25
Was Stephen Byerley a robot?by ambrus2010-12-01 11:26
I like my Perl moritz2010-11-01 10:58
My life mix needs talexb2010-10-01 10:49
My favourite poll on PerlMonks is Ratazong2010-09-01 10:17
My first impression of Rakudo Star Arunbear2010-08-01 13:18
The science fiction writer who most personifies Perl is:by apl2010-07-01 11:40
What is the largest number of tests you have created for a single project you have worked on?by atcroft2010-06-01 10:27
My handwriting implement of choice is…by ambrus2010-05-01 12:54
My Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is hok_si_la2010-04-01 09:26
The code I'm most proud of is:by Ratazong2010-03-01 10:39
What level of existential comfort do you require?by zentara2010-02-01 10:50
My top prediction for 2010:by Arunbear2010-01-01 00:43
I hope to spend this Christmas:by marto2009-12-15 10:54
Do you have a middle name?by ambrus2009-12-01 11:21
Future historians will find that the material characteristic of the current era ambrus2009-11-01 13:14
Perl REALLY stands for:by bv2009-10-01 10:34
The most appropriate style for a painting of Anonymous Monk is:by SuicideJunkie2009-09-01 11:00
Last time I strayed away from proper monk behaviour, I puudeli2009-08-01 08:02
Answers come to me when shenme2009-07-01 09:55
If I wasn't a Programmer, what I'd like to do apl2009-06-01 09:31
A true master Arunbear2009-05-04 09:38
When it comes to wine, I prefer…by ambrus2009-04-17 09:40
Which bad behaviour most deserves an electric shock?by talexb2009-03-15 11:48
Regular expressions are:by cog2009-03-01 12:47
I can afford to spend so much time at the Monastery because:by missingthepoint2009-02-07 20:20
How many colors does a rainbow have?by ambrus2009-01-24 12:35
My foremost goal in 2009 is to:by Arunbear2009-01-09 10:45
You find that you are the only one left in your department on the week between the Holidays. Do you:by gregor422008-12-26 14:28
Perl 7 moritz2008-12-13 20:43
I apl2008-11-29 18:49
Global warning is an act of:by Arunbear2008-11-15 14:57
I would love a Perl API to VSarkiss2008-11-01 12:42
I joined PerlMonks because I wanted to learn about Perl, but now I stay McDarren2008-10-18 11:02
Using the Large Hadron Collider is likely to produce shmem2008-10-04 15:34
Of all the gin joints in all the universes in all of fiction, I had to walk into:by apl2008-09-20 19:58
Programming is more like:by Arunbear2008-09-05 10:53
My preferred shaving tool:by Arunbear2008-08-22 07:49
My favorite summer fruit is:by belg4mit2008-08-08 07:34
Should every poll have a "CowboyNeal" option?by herveus2008-07-25 09:08
What I'd like to tell vroom on the occasion of his wedding:by Petruchio2008-07-11 07:36
Least favorite non-geek(s) at my job:by jacques2008-06-24 19:22
Of the following Wizardly beings, which is most likely to be a regular Perl user?by rudder2008-06-13 09:11
The breakfast of champions blue_cowdawg2008-05-30 09:29
My preferred version control system Arunbear2008-05-16 09:29
I keep the secret jacques2008-05-09 10:03
Which came first?by Petruchio2008-05-02 10:05
My preference on serifs:by Petruchio2008-04-25 09:36
If I were stranded on a desert island with a Larry, the Larry I'd most want with me is:by bobf2008-03-07 03:10
My Perl code can be understood TimButterfield2008-02-21 02:33
I pledged my undying love to PerlMonks and all I got tye2008-02-10 06:13
When building web apps, I:by mattk2008-02-02 06:06
Best Material for Floors:by Petruchio2007-12-01 00:01
A sure sign of the apocalypse:by wolfger2007-11-12 04:48
Perl Programmers Don't blazar2007-10-07 19:45
You've just spilled something on your tie at lunch... Do you:by gregor422007-09-22 00:36
When I'm arguing with a blazar2007-09-05 03:39
When I discuss scripting with family/friends, technojosh2007-08-27 23:14
My favorite crew member from the original Star Trek:by Petruchio2007-08-20 02:24
Were it not a monastery, my favourite metaphor for PerlMonks would have been:by blazar2007-08-12 16:45
How I like my steak:by Petruchio2007-08-03 22:25
When it comes to dancing,by tye2007-07-27 23:41
My computer's last downtime was due wardk2007-07-21 02:00
The best Doctor:by Petruchio2007-06-29 18:15
I mostly learned to cook from:by tye 2007-06-21 03:05
The glass Minimiscience2007-06-12 07:31
I backup my files:by planetscape2007-06-03 23:47
Since I discovered Perl, I've given up:by planetscape2007-05-21 19:47
The most important near-term goal of a space program:by Petruchio2007-05-10 02:52
Socks with Sandals:by Petruchio2007-04-23 09:14
How I toast:by Petruchio2007-04-12 09:02
I tye2007-04-02 05:41
I read blogs / web tye2007-03-23 10:16
I wish YouTube had not removed:by jacques2007-03-13 15:22
Do you have a Perl Geek Code?by vrk2007-03-01 06:25
Which of the nominations should win the 2007 Academy Award for Best Picture?by Petruchio2007-02-20 04:16
What is your favorite UFO shape?by jacques2007-02-16 05:20
The PWD command really stands for:by jacques2007-02-08 06:06
I laughed, I cried, ysth2007-01-30 07:20
I prefer to:by Petruchio2007-01-14 04:52
This year I plan to learn about:by ysth2007-01-01 19:53
Life is:by Petruchio2006-12-24 15:34
My preferred way of handling config data in Perl is:by rinceWind2006-12-14 00:42
I post to Perlmonks liverpole2006-12-04 03:28
In "PerlMonks: The Motion Picture," the Vote Fairy would best be portrayed planetscape2006-11-20 05:06
My favorite food for feasting:by ysth2006-11-13 06:05
What I look for in a pumpkin davido2006-10-24 16:07
If I was forced to program in another language, the Perl language feature I would miss most would be:by grinder2006-10-17 06:32
The most unusual place I have logged into Perl Monks from is:by McDarren2006-09-30 09:31
I wake up my computer from power-save mode sacked2006-09-21 05:38
I mostly ambrus2006-09-12 04:42
My favorite web comic is:by Petruchio2006-09-03 10:34
Most infamous "Last words":by davido2006-08-25 01:46
When I am bored, I lima12006-08-17 19:58
The last time I used a dial-up modem davido2006-08-10 16:51
Which movie would you like to see first?by hasimir442006-08-02 21:53
I first became interested in Perl jimt2006-07-24 08:21
Who would win in a swordfight?by Petruchio2006-07-12 02:26
And while in uffish thought, the manxome foe I seek isby davido2006-06-25 16:47
I think of pugs as:by jacques2006-06-21 23:00
At the end of the quest, I would hate to face:by jacques2006-06-14 07:08
Since I began using computers, I have hurt my:by jacques2006-06-06 06:38
Is it real?by jacques2006-05-30 22:04
If I could only own one Perl book, it would be:by McDarren2006-05-24 03:12
The worst case scenarioby davido2006-05-15 05:14
My favorite monk isby ysth2006-05-07 07:07
My online relationships have been:by jacques2006-05-02 06:52
I started with...:by davido2006-04-24 02:50
Easiest city to find Perl work:by jacques2006-04-18 17:15
What will Google do next?by jacques2006-04-09 18:47
Best Perl Mongers meeting locationby jacques2006-03-31 17:30
Free food I want to see in my company's kitchenby jacques2006-03-21 18:07
At home I most often useby davido2006-03-07 07:38
Now that the Winter Games are over, I can get back toby davido2006-02-27 08:46
If I were to compete in an Olympic event, it would be:by kutsu2006-02-24 05:31
If I were to compete in an Olympic event, it would be:by davido2006-02-24 05:30
On what column do you wrap your code?by de-merphq2006-02-08 17:02
2, 2, 2, 3, 7, 22, 83, davido2006-02-06 06:56
I commute via:by davido2006-01-29 08:03
The next successful successor to DVD as a medium for video will be:by davido2006-01-22 08:31
I prefer this kind of clock or watch:by ambrus2006-01-16 04:21
Someday "everything" will be powered davido2006-01-12 17:38
I take this pollby Corion2006-01-08 03:00
The most useful key on my keyboard is:by cog2006-01-02 23:54
How do you plan on spending your leap second?by davido2005-12-26 07:05
One thing I wasn't cog2005-12-20 10:17
What's your favourite method of untainting?by Corion2005-12-14 10:49
All I want for Christmas is:by marto2005-12-06 16:49
The most useless key on my keyboard is:by davido2005-11-16 17:57
A PerlMonk's favorite vacation destination:by davido2005-11-08 18:00
The title least worthy of being used in the perlmonks experience system isby ysth2005-11-02 06:30
My favorite monkishly-named persona:by Petruchio2005-11-01 10:42
This year for Halloween I will dress as a(n)by kutsu2005-10-30 15:52
I visit PM primarily kwaping2005-10-12 22:48
Spaghetti davido2005-10-09 04:12
If I was forced to use only one kind of loop for the rest of my days it would be aby collin2005-09-29 13:54
Which section of the monastery I'm most fond ofby cog2005-09-22 15:52
If I were a rich (wo) davido2005-09-13 05:03
Which topic is most controversial within the halls of our sanctimonious Monastery:by davido2005-09-08 06:55
When are you moving to India to find a better job?by DrWhy2005-09-06 17:52
I'm *going* to [|YAPC Europe: Braga, Portugal], becauseby cog2005-08-24 15:57
I'm not going to [|YAPC Europe: Braga, Portugal], becauseby cog2005-08-17 11:26
When I see a pollby cog2005-08-10 09:28
The shortest distance between my keyboard and the Monastery is:by davido2005-08-04 07:03
Most poll options rdm2005-07-27 22:59
PerlMonks Survivor would be won this season by:by davido2005-07-21 08:05
I've played solitaire with physical cards within the last:by ybiC2005-07-12 07:15
The best "true zero" tye 2005-06-08 04:21
When I count, I think of numbers ambrus2005-05-28 02:05
The cutest Perl6 marsupial mascot would tye 2005-05-05 15:56
I resolve to finally grok and use the regex tye 2005-04-23 05:50
The most Perlish Beatle tye 2005-04-09 06:42
I usually listen belg4mit2005-03-16 14:42
I usually debug rinceWind2005-02-15 07:09
My cow-orkers tye 2005-01-15 08:07
Most of the email spam I get is:by VSarkiss2004-12-31 05:30
The most useful form of typing tye 2004-12-16 04:22
I need theorbtwo2004-11-17 20:16
How I usually read my mail:by Petruchio2004-11-08 06:37
For whom would you vote, if you were an American?by vroom2004-11-02 18:42
I prefer to tye 2004-10-19 07:53
What's your prefered revision control system?by theonetwo2004-09-27 21:03
Do you smoke tobacco?by tye 2004-09-01 01:54
At my main job I mostly occupy tye 2004-08-16 06:34
I'm most impressed tye 2004-08-02 04:48
My preferred source of caffeine tye 2004-07-15 02:15
The most annoying common way to get a string literal in Perl tye 2004-06-16 15:42
The sportiest activity that I do regularly is best categorized tye 2004-05-28 03:28
How long have you been using Perl?by vroom2004-05-09 05:15
Of the Friends, I most identify tye 2004-05-06 23:57
The best thing about whoppers tye 2004-04-28 03:43
My favorite Perl-related onomatope tye 2004-04-06 20:32
I most recently did it in tye 2004-03-28 06:35
The best way to get food in my mouth tye 2004-03-14 06:44
My favorite P38 tye 2004-02-20 21:13
On St. Valentine's Day I tye 2004-02-14 03:15
My interpersonal communication protocol/style is the most tye 2004-01-31 22:15
Favorite Winter Activityby vroom2004-01-10 05:25
Top goal for 2004by vroom2003-12-31 19:22
The best present I got this season tye 2003-12-26 05:17
This year I tye 2003-12-25 02:32
This season I'm tye 2003-12-16 07:54
Pumpkins are best used NodeReaper2003-10-31 07:21
This is a new poll?by tye 2003-10-18 01:41
The number of ways I've independently discovered to make Perl segfault:by Petruchio2003-09-24 15:45
Mr. Vroom's birthday be Saturday the 20th. What booty shall ye be givin' him?by ailie2003-09-20 02:38
I refer to a non-specified carbonated beverage as a:by Petruchio2003-09-09 10:49
The sort of fiction you're most likely to find me reading:by Petruchio2003-09-03 00:13
My Favorite Holy War is:by Petruchio2003-08-26 06:46
My favorite HTML font style tag tye 2003-08-18 18:28
I mostly browse with tye 2003-08-09 23:14
There's no X tye 2003-08-01 07:55
I spend most of my time crenz2003-07-21 05:07
My first computer belg4mit2003-07-03 18:57
Perl 6 feature that scares me the most:by Elian2003-05-29 18:23
Music is the most fun when stored tye 2003-05-23 17:45
What's that noise?by tye 2003-05-20 06:32
The plural of "athlete's foot" tye2003-05-02 15:22
My favorite logical fallacy:by Petruchio2003-04-01 19:15
I get my hair Zombie mysql on FreeBSD2003-03-17 17:29
MARCH Zombie mysql on FreeBSD2003-03-02 20:22
I play the following instrument(s) vroom2003-02-19 21:58
Favorite Cheeseby vroom2003-02-15 17:23
Today, February 14, vroom2003-02-14 15:24
My favorite other on-line community tye 2003-01-31 22:29
After the OS upgrade the site responsivenessby vroom2003-01-21 20:13
If I had to rate my effort at work it'd beby vroom2003-01-13 21:48
Top goal for 2003by vroom2003-01-08 01:08
This poll has:by Petruchio2002-12-26 07:27
How many showed up at the monastery on Christmas 2002?by Petruchio2002-12-25 06:36
How I want my memory managedby Petruchio2002-12-09 06:40
Thing that would make going to work more agreeableby vroom2002-12-05 21:39
The new automated poll-producing Zombie mysql on FreeBSD2002-11-16 00:36
Rap Star I would most like as my Project Managerby vroom2002-11-06 15:28
I mainly write Perl tye 2002-10-21 06:25
My favorite lie tye 2002-10-15 16:54
My company tye 2002-10-04 15:40
To install a tye 2002-09-27 06:34
PerlMonks tye 2002-09-20 19:37
If I *had* to pick, I'd pick:by Petruchio2002-09-09 11:18
Object Orientation is:by Petruchio2002-09-03 09:15
My username Petruchio2002-08-26 13:45
I surf PM duringby jcwren2002-08-10 15:44
In this poll, Iby jcwren2002-08-01 05:13
Polls should be closed atby jcwren2002-07-26 04:20
Number of beverage containers currently on my deskby vroom2002-07-18 15:56
Voting slipups (see results before voting)by jcwren2002-07-01 21:25
On sushi:by jcwren2002-06-24 03:41
Vacation plans this summerby vroom2002-06-16 22:33
Do you plan to attend YAPC::America::North 2002?by jcwren2002-06-05 13:47
Favorite Star Wars film:by Petruchio2002-05-27 13:41
I preferby jcwren2002-05-17 01:28
The nature of my most pressing need(s):by Petruchio2002-05-13 05:22
Favorite programming language, other than Perl:by Petruchio2002-05-06 14:12
Your favorite Muppet:by Petruchio2002-04-29 07:46
Perl 6 will primarily be:by Petruchio2002-04-22 04:39
The One True Style of indentation:by Petruchio2002-04-14 02:46
When I grow up, I want to be:by jcwren2002-04-13 06:11
My primary PC CPU is aby jcwren2002-03-31 15:55
My favorite cartoon isby jcwren2002-03-22 14:44
kudra is getting married and I'm going to get her aby jcwren2002-03-11 23:25
Fries are best vroom2002-03-05 06:33
Dingbats in node titles?by vroom2002-02-28 02:27
Favorite Graphics Creation Toolby vroom2002-02-15 19:21
Valentine's Day Plansby vroom2002-02-14 13:34
The server downtime has made me:by jcwren2002-02-06 23:44
Top goal for the coming new yearby vroom2001-12-26 20:41
Projected weight change this holiday seasonby vroom2001-11-22 00:39
Number of PerlMonks coffee mugs I would like to purchaseby vroom2001-11-14 19:31
Average number of caffeinated beverages per work dayby vroom2001-10-17 19:37
I filter my mailby vroom2001-10-09 17:29
Obfuscation isby vroom2001-09-18 00:28
I wrote my first Perl Moduleby vroom2001-08-21 00:24
Database of choiceby vroom2001-08-10 00:46
Votebotsby vroom2001-08-01 19:54
My typing speedby vroom2001-07-18 22:50
Polls should be changedby vroom2001-07-06 19:56
I'm currently at/inby vroom2001-06-14 23:37
I've had my current job forby vroom2001-05-15 06:17
I use Perl at work forby vroom2001-04-24 22:26
Biggest clue you don't want the job you're offeredby vroom2001-04-03 08:04
My April Fools Prank isby vroom2001-03-31 03:44
Favorite Slacking Activityby vroom2001-03-15 11:04
Hours of sleep I get on an average weeknightby vroom2001-03-01 23:41
Best way to get in touch with meby vroom2001-02-16 23:17
My Valentine's Day Planning Includes:by vroom2001-02-11 05:41
The NodeReaper vroom2001-01-24 00:37
Number of Perl Monks I have met in Real Lifeby vroom2001-01-12 20:48
The New Serverby vroom2000-12-31 01:04
Favorite Descriptive Variable Nameby vroom2000-12-21 20:20
I prefer what's behindby vroom2000-12-12 11:49
This best sums up my view on xmas lightsby vroom2000-12-06 04:11
Most likely thing to make vroom go postal in the last 2 weeks of the semesterby vroom2000-11-29 08:15
Best part of Thanksgivingby vroom2000-11-24 09:37
Amount of MP3s I have at my homeby vroom2000-11-21 02:17
Estimated time it would take me to find a new unannounced feature on PMby vroom2000-11-16 00:51
I currently have terminals open on X machinesby vroom2000-11-14 00:38
Preferred way of deciding the President for once and allby vroom2000-11-10 03:03
My home internet connection isby vroom2000-11-08 22:14
The most important issue for me in elections is:by vroom2000-11-07 22:57
I am a M/F/Other (take two)by vroom2000-11-05 04:23
My age isby vroom2000-11-01 23:44
My idea of Halloween funby vroom2000-10-30 21:01
Favorite PM merchandise itemby vroom2000-10-28 00:13
Other programming language I most often useby vroom2000-10-23 21:43
The state of my visionby vroom2000-10-17 00:12
My crime of choiceby vroom2000-10-12 21:19
I've watched the US Presidential Debatesby vroom2000-10-06 07:48
I watch the Olympicsby vroom2000-09-25 07:48
I have contributed a module to CPANby vroom2000-09-12 21:27
I save my filesby vroom2000-09-05 20:39
How many different programming languages have you programmed in within the last month?by vroom2000-09-02 19:15
I'd rather beby vroom2000-08-27 08:12
Perl Monks polls generallyby vroom2000-08-22 01:34
Will you be attending Linux Worldby vroom2000-08-14 03:08
Thing vroom is most likely to forget/lose in Californiaby vroom2000-08-11 07:15
My favorite flame retardantby vroom2000-08-09 22:48
Preferred way of entering a roomby vroom2000-08-08 21:29
My favorite color for the Handspring Visor vroom2000-07-31 23:07
My preferred T-shirt size vroom2000-07-24 20:28
Servers with an uptime of more than a day areby vroom2000-07-19 07:04
Favorite way to spend an afternoon at vroom2000-07-13 22:49
I consider driving on this side of the road to be safest vroom2000-07-06 15:59
I was subjected to fireworks this many times in the past weekby vroom2000-07-05 18:37
My preferred method for chatting with other usersby vroom2000-06-30 04:59
My views on pseudohashesby vroom2000-06-23 22:01
How many computers do you own?by vroom2000-06-15 18:50
I use forby vroom2000-06-07 23:38
If I had to choose a pet from the following it'd be a:by vroom2000-05-31 20:09
Did you work at all on Memorial Day?by vroom2000-05-30 17:59
I use return on a subroutineby vroom2000-05-25 18:02
Favorite Symbol Variableby vroom2000-05-15 20:02
My favorite looping mechanism in Perl is:by vroom2000-05-09 00:08
Should Perl Gurus (Wall,Schwartz,Christiansen et al) receive mega XP based on who they are?by vroom2000-04-27 23:00
I work out/exercise this oftenby vroom2000-04-21 00:12
Number of times I've used goto in Perlby vroom2000-04-18 22:40
How Many Perl Books do you Own?by vroom2000-04-12 21:57
Most likely message for vroom to receive from a magic 8 ballby vroom2000-04-07 00:18
It takes me this long to get to work|schoolby vroom2000-03-31 01:54
My Thoughts on the New Voting/Experience Systemby vroom2000-03-24 00:37
On weekends I generally sleep vroom2000-03-19 08:10
My favorite {soda|pop} vroom2000-03-10 00:39
Favorite Monk Pictureby vroom2000-03-02 23:17
My favorite Perl Monks theme isby vroom2000-02-25 01:29
Do you own a gun?by vroom2000-02-22 23:36
I am a M/F/ vroom2000-02-15 00:06
My uptime is vroom2000-02-08 01:57
I've had this much school:by vroom2000-02-01 08:01
My Super Bowl plans include:by vroom2000-01-30 08:41
Favorite Authorby vroom2000-01-25 22:23
I live in this Continentby vroom2000-01-18 22:43
The computer I use most vroom2000-01-11 23:43
I spend most of my time codingby vroom2000-01-05 22:29
Your editor of choice vroom2000-01-03 20:36
When Y2k hits I'll vroom1999-12-30 22:07
Your first Perl Bookby vroom1999-12-29 01:49
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