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Re^2: Perl Tk text widget printing problem

by marto (Archbishop)
on Nov 14, 2012 at 15:26 UTC ( #1003833=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl Tk text widget printing problem
in thread Perl Tk text widget printing problem

"the above code doesnt do me any good.."

This is unconstructive. You don't go so far as to say what difference this made to your output. To avoid going around in circles with this problem (again) post a minmal example which recreates your problem, it doesn't have to be the entire program, just a short one which demonstrates the problem. Read and understand How do I post a question effectively?. Also you replied to yourself, not zentara.

Update: Also, please mark updates you make to posts to avoid confusion.

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Re^3: Perl Tk text widget printing problem
by reaper9187 (Scribe) on Nov 14, 2012 at 15:38 UTC
    i apologize for the mistakes.. what i meant was that i tried substituting the code by zentara in my script but it didnt change anything . u can even try it with a basic parser script
    use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel; my $parser = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel->new(); my $workbook = $parser->parse($filename); if ( !defined $workbook ) { die $parser->error(), ".\n"; } for my $worksheet ( $workbook->worksheet(0) ) { my ( $row_min, $row_max ) = $worksheet->row_range(); my ( $col_min, $col_max ) = $worksheet->col_range(); for my $row ( $row_min .. $row_max ) { for my $col ( 1) { my $cell = $worksheet->get_cell( $row, $col ); next unless $cell; $text->insert('end', "$worksheet->{Cells}[$row][1]->{V +al}\n"); print "$worksheet->{Cells}[$row][1]->{Val}\n"; } } }
    NOte: i observed the following :
    1. The command seems to execute flawlessly on files where i reduced the no of rows (removed the entries) but it causes problems with unformatted files.
    2. The print command in such cases(unformatted files) prints the values as shwn in the first post while nothing is displayed in the text widget.
    Update: The above code is just a portion of the script, the portion i suspect is causing problems

      I asked you to post a complete example which produces the error you claim. This code doesn't even use Tk. This script doesn't run. Try reading and understand the links and advice I gave you. You seem intent on making it difficult for people to help you.

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