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Re: how to fake packets in perl

by Anonymous Monk
on Nov 23, 2012 at 05:24 UTC ( #1005211=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to how to fake packets in perl

:) Lets play, use the search

 [fake packets] fake packets -> how to fake packets in perl , whoops

 [packets] packets -> Parsing packets using Net::Frame, handle tcp packets, Filtering packets on Windows.

Hmm, looks good, NetPacket::TCP, Net::Pcap::Easy, Net::RawIP

-> ?node_id=3989;HIT=packets;re=N ->

Found 24 nodes roughly between 2012-11-22 and 1999-10-04 (searched 100.00% of DB).

where title contains "packets"

2012-11-22 xufengnju how to fake packets in perl SoPW
2011-07-14 qwconst Parsing packets using Net::Frame SoPW
2011-06-22 coontie problems accepting HTTP packets from Amazon SoPW
2010-11-05 packetstormer packetstormer's scratchpad SPad
2010-11-05 packetstormer packetstormer User
2010-08-13 lprasanna any test tool similar to httperf that supports IPV6 packets SoPW
2010-01-04 porpoise_paul Module to return signal levels on captured packets SoPW
2009-06-25 hnd handle tcp packets SoPW
2009-06-08 santhosh_89 Capture all the packets SoPW
2008-10-09 Anonymous Monk Filtering packets on Windows SoPW
2007-11-14 Anonymous Monk Crypt::OpenPGP Problems: No Packets (Win32) SoPW
2007-03-19 perlmaster assemble/disassemble network packets SoPW
2006-06-01 Anonymous Monk (OT) Getting the source hardware address of received UDP packets? SoPW
2005-12-07 Jimmmy Features Recieving Raw IP packets. SoPW
2005-09-14 admiralfreezbee Making Network packets SoPW
2005-05-16 mosh Creating trailer on packets SoPW
2004-07-28 NodeReaper How to create and send userdefined packets. SoPW
2003-03-07 Anonymous Monk Printing IP packets SoPW
2002-11-11 Anonymous Monk Creating a TCP client, that receives and responds in individual packets SoPW
2002-10-10 Anonymous Monk LWP HTTP Request POST being sent in two packets SoPW
2002-01-09 curtisb FTP packets SoPW
2002-01-08 ybiC (code) One-liner parses ippl log for suspicious packets Snippet
2001-09-27 jupe perl and ip packets SoPW
2000-12-08 mongre Unpack and Network Packets SoPW

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