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Re: robotic laser welder

by Anonymous Monk
on Jul 30, 2001 at 07:46 UTC ( #100776=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to robotic laser welder

How can this qualify as a cool use of perl? The perl is not, and cannot be, revealed!! This could be a complete lie!! This sham node should be immediately killed!! Anyone paying attention? C'mon!! CUFP means showing actual perl, not some blathering BS.

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Re: Re: robotic laser welder
by ginseng (Pilgrim) on Jul 30, 2001 at 09:07 UTC
    Perhaps I misunderstood the section. It appeared to me that code went into snippets, poetry, code, obfu, and craft. Likewise, I understood that CUFP did not necessarily mean showing the code, only discussing the use, as I have and would be happy to continue doing.

    Sections of the programs can be displayed, but why? Those sections that were tricky I discussed already, in Flaky Server and Exec Fork Trick. The path generation code is perhaps of interest, but mathematically not programmatically. It is also perhaps the section my customer most wants protected. Regardless, the code is nearly 4000 lines of blather; why clutter this forum with it? It's practically an anti-golf... how to do the least possible in the most lines of code. Extra points for inefficiency...

    What I found cool about it, and thought perhaps you would too, was the use of Perl in industrial control. The interest at PM in industrial/embedded Perl surprised me. I thought I was unusual in my fascination with using free UNIX-like OS's for such applications, though I know there are at least 30 or 40 more like me. I was glad to see some of them are here.

    'Course, I also found the process of using it as an amp cool, but that is neither here nor there.

    If it is inappropriate, by all means kill the node. I am avidly open-source myself (I've been called dogmatic, even), and would always prefer to open a project. However, I do believe there are times when (a) closed source may be appropriate and (b) it's not my decision. I can concientiously object, and turn down the dough from working on a job, but I choose my work first on its merits and geek value -- which this job had in spades. Then I'll listen to arguments for closing the source, and suggest strong consideration for open source.

    By the way, the music my buddy played - That's Rush. It's also closed-source. Sorry ;)

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