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Re^2: MySQL Table adding with Perl

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 06, 2013 at 20:29 UTC ( #1022089=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: MySQL Table adding with Perl
in thread MySQL Table adding with Perl

No. Thanks :)

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Re^3: MySQL Table adding with Perl
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 06, 2013 at 20:51 UTC

    Still not working

    use DBI; #Welcoming Phrase print "\n\n Welcome to the world.\n\n"; #Load username database print " Are you a new user? (y/n)\n\n"; my $choice=<STDIN>; chomp $choice; if ($choice eq "n") { print " What is your username?\n\n"; my $username = <STDIN> ; chomp $username; my $connect = DBI->connect( "dbi:mysql:database=Champ;host=localhost", 'root','pass'); print "User $username Active\n"; } if ($choice eq "y") { print " What would you like your username to be?\n\n"; my $newuser = <STDIN>; chomp $newuser; my $connect = DBI->connect( "dbi:mysql:database=Champ;host=localhost", 'root','pass'); my $dbh->do("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS $newuser"); $maketable = ("CREATE TABLE $newuser (A,B,C,D,E)"); my $sql = "INSERT INTO $newuser (A,B,C,D,E) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)"; $sth = $dbh->prepare($maketable); $sth = execute(); $statement = $connect->prepare($sql); $statement = execute(4,4,4,4,0); print "User $newuser Active\n";

      If you use the following to connect to the database, DBI will tell you more about where things (maybe) go wrong:

      my $connect = DBI->connect( "dbi:mysql:database=Champ;host=localhost", 'root','pass', { RaiseError => 1 }, );

      This saves you adding the error checking in every situation.

      A bit more advice - I like to read passwords from a separate file, or from %ENV or anywhere else. That way, I can't inadverently post the database password when posting (or printing) my script.

        Unfortunately with the addition of that line, there was no output. The scripts runs without error. Thanks Corion for the advice about the passwords, I will definitely keep that in mind.

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