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Re: About reading stata and csv data file

by ww (Archbishop)
on Mar 01, 2014 at 16:51 UTC ( #1076677=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to About reading stata and csv data file

Your impression of the Monks' capabilities may exceed the realities:

However, re " can I load stata and csv data in perl...."
    for info on "csv" CPAN which offers a wealth of tools to do the job. Their docs (mostly) include plenty of illustative material to satisfy that part of your request.
    Regretably, all I know about "stata" came from a similar search (which suggests there are numerous flavors/formats/APIs -- not knowing the details, I doubt anyone can help much).

"...could you please show me step by step of loading and viewing data in perl."
    That's not quite the way it works here. You show us, with code, error and warning messages, and narrative, where you got stuck and why that outcome is unsatisfactory, and we'll help you fix your problem. But, at least in theory and in accord with such doctrinal documents as On asking for help and How do I post a question effectively?, we're supposed to allow you the opportunity to learn. Your question implies that you've managed considerable, self-directed learning... so carry on, and come back with a specific issue(s).

This site is tantamount to the "MOOC platform" you're asking be created.

The volunteers, which is to say, 'the Monks,' -- that's all of us here (the headcount of the paid staff is nil, nul, zero, $0); -- generally have existing jobs, families to support, additional obligations and/or other demands on our time.

What's more, your friends at Google will be happy to tell you about many, university level courses, related to Perl... and some of them (perhaps) specific to the topics you list.

So, creating a (redundant) MOOC is left to you, as a challenge for the day when you've resolved your current problem.

Come, let us reason together: Spirit of the Monastery
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