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Re: (OT?) Usefulness of CS

by mrbbking (Hermit)
on Dec 25, 2001 at 01:28 UTC ( #134224=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (OT?) Usefulness of CS

Without understanding *how* software works (i.e. having studied Computer Science), it's possible to write software that works - that accomplishes the task.

print "Hello, world!\n";

Without understanding the mechanisms of drama and storytelling, it's possible to tell a story.

I was hungry. I ate an apple. I'm not hungry anymore.
Now, I'm not saying that a *degree* in Computer Science is necessary for quality software. Neither am I saying that a degree in English is required before one can write a great (english) story or novel.

The key is the study. Whether achieving a formal degree or not, study improves practice.

So, yes, I agree that Computer Science is as useful for writing good software as the ability to Read Critically is for writing a good story. Whatever you do, study how others do it in order to improve!

...or were you being facetious... :-)

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