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Re: (jcwren) Re: Re: Text::Balanced woes..

by TheDamian (Priest)
on May 27, 2002 at 07:43 UTC ( #169513=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (jcwren) Re: Re: Text::Balanced woes..
in thread Text::Balanced woes..

Well, I think your interpretation is...err...imaginative, but you're without doubt a very smart person so the docs mustn't be clear enough. I'll make sure the next version leaves no room for misinterpretation:
The various "extract_..." subroutines may be used to extract a delimited substring, possibly after skipping a specified prefix string. By default, that prefix is optional whitespace, but you can change it to whatever you wish (see below). The substring to be extracted must appear at the current "pos" location of the string's variable (or at index zero, if no "pos" position is defined). In other words, the "extract_..." subroutines *don't* extract the first occurance of a substring anywhere in a string (like an unanchored regex would). Rather, they extract an occurance of the substring appearing immediately at the current matching position in the string (like a "\G"-anchored regex would).

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Re: Re: (jcwren) Re: Re: Text::Balanced woes..
by demerphq (Chancellor) on Jun 03, 2002 at 20:03 UTC
    Not to kick a man when hes down ;-) but I think the problem is that your documentation tends to be very tutorial oriented (im thinking P::RD and Text::Balanced) which is excellent if you are working through them from begin to end. But the tutorial style can get in the way when all you want is a quick and dirty. For instance in Text::Balanced you have the the general conventions followed by a page or more for each sub. This is compounded by pod2html which doesnt index =item blocks. (I patched it to add an index of them at the end, which I find quite helpful.)

    Incidentally, this seems to be a failing of many of the better module designers, DBI has IMO similar problems.

    Oh and please dont take this as a negative criticism, its just that a terse, factual reference oriented doc/section can also be very helpful. Adding such a section (as you have already said you will) would be appreciated very much.

    And im well aware that if all you provided was such a reference text, that you'd be innundated with relatively foolish questions...

    Yves / DeMerphq
    Writing a good benchmark isnt as easy as it might look.

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