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Re: Post-Posting Etiquette

by Spenser (Friar)
on Sep 05, 2002 at 04:03 UTC ( #195286=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Post-Posting Etiquette

I particularly agree with and have practiced the personal procedures suggested by rinceWind, Dog and Pony, and Aristotle above.  However, I would like to add one exception I made to the notion of limiting editing to quick, minimal fixes and notating significant changes.  Basically, I'd like to make a confession on this point.

I posted a message once asking for help regarding a problem I was having at work.  I was looking for material for discussions at my office on using Perl versus Microsoft languages.  The responses I received were extensive and helpful.  At the end of the thread I posted another message thanking everyone and letting them know how my meetings with management went: not well.  I then made the mistake of saying that it looked like I was going to be losing my job for not supporting the Microsoft opposition.  Maybe it was an inappropriate thing to post, but I have the odd habit of looking for community in this community.  Anyway, I received several negative votes (and no messages of explanation).  Needless to say, it hurt my feelings.  After about a week people stopped reading the message;  they stopped commenting and they stopped voting.  So, I went back and deleted everything personal from the closing post except the thanks for the help comment.  I didn't do it to protect my XP Experience, but to protect my feelings.  Of course, I'll probably get clobbered with negative votes on this post, but that's fine since it's an attack on my behavior, not necessarily a rejection.

Alright.  Enough confessing.  Needless to say, I'm glad we have the discretion to edit our posts and glad people like tadman are concientious about how they use this privilege.


That's Spenser, with an "s" like the detective.

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