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Re: Re:^2 (nrd) Convert Opera Bookmarks to Netscape Bookmarks

by BigJoe (Curate)
on Dec 09, 2002 at 14:45 UTC ( #218527=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re:^2 (nrd) Convert Opera Bookmarks to Netscape Bookmarks
in thread Convert Opera Bookmarks to Netscape Bookmarks

The Galeon Bookmarks file is called "bookmarks.xbel". This file is located at $HOME/.galeon/ There is example code from the file. Galeon has support for smart bookmarks where you can assign it a nick (as I did for freshmeat fm). Then you put a %s where you want what every you type after the nick to be placed. example:
fm anjuta
This will go directly to the search page on Freshmeat and search for it. Pheonix has the same functionality. Opera has had that for a while. I am going to play with your code and see if I can't make a user daemon to keep all the bookmarks syncronized. I was thinking of creating a daemon and tie-ing the files to functions in the daemon so when Opera reads its bookmarks the daemon will respond with what it is looking for. When it writes to the file another function would accept it and put it into it's DB. I would really like to have it use live data from a DB instead of having a wait time to sync the bookmarks.
<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE xbel PUBLIC "+//IDN XML Bookmark Exchange La +nguage 1.0//EN//XML" " +dtd"> <xbel version="1.0"> <info> <metadata owner=""> <default_folder>yes</default_folder> </metadata> </info> <title>Bookmarks</title> <folder folded="no"> <title>Smart Bookmarks Toolbar</title> <bookmark href=""> <title> Welcome to</title> <info> <metadata owner=""> <nick>fm</nick> <time_modified>1034086323</time_modified> <time_added>1034086260</time_added> <smarturl>;section=proj +ects</smarturl> </metadata> </info> </bookmark> <bookmark href=""> <title>Google</title> <info> <metadata owner=""> <nick>google</nick> <pixmap>/usr/share/galeon/google.png</pixmap> <time_visited>1033653044</time_visited> <smarturl></smarturl> </metadata> </info> </bookmark> <bookmark href=""> <title>Usenet</title> <info> <metadata owner=""> <nick>news</nick> <pixmap>/usr/share/galeon/google_groups.png</pixmap> <smarturl>;meta=site +%3Dgroups</smarturl> </metadata> </info> </bookmark> </folder> </xbel> </xml>


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