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Re: [OT] Advanced CVS usage

by ehdonhon (Curate)
on May 30, 2003 at 19:51 UTC ( #261927=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to [OT] Advanced CVS usage

Here is a GUI to help visualize the tree.

With regards to branching methodologies, I'm working on a project right now where we are using branches. Our procedure works like this:

  • Development towards future revisions of the software happens on the main trunc.
  • Once we get to a point where we will release a new revision, we branch off a "BUGFIX" branch. Any fixes that need to happen prior to the next revision happen on the BUGFIX branch.
  • Periodically, the BUGFIX branch is incrementally merged back onto the main development branch.
  • Occasionally, we will have a special project that needs deployed prior to the next release, but shouldn't be mixed with BUGFIX code just yet. That code branches off of the BUGFIX and then merges back in when it is done.
  • We've also developed the convention of maintaining a TAGS text file in the root directory of whatever part of the repository we branching. We keep it up to date with a description of what each tag is. We tag all releases, branches, and merges.

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Re: Re: [OT] Advanced CVS usage
by drewbie (Chaplain) on May 30, 2003 at 21:33 UTC
    That gui looks VERY slick! I'm going to take a close look at it next week. Thanks for the tip. The CvsGraph page mentions that it was inspired by a desire for a standalone implementation of WinCVS's "graph" feature (warning - very large page). So that's one more program to check out. :-)

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