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CVS web interface

by davinci (Initiate)
on Aug 09, 2000 at 21:23 UTC ( #27109=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

davinci has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Is there some way to use perl to issue cvs command from a web based interface? I've tried using exec(). system(), and ``. The script works fine from the command line, but it doesn't actually execute from a web call. Any advice??

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Re: CVS web interface
by tiny (Beadle) on Aug 09, 2000 at 22:12 UTC
    I actually wrote a nifty web-based code review tool that is built around CVS. (I might release it someday if my company will allow it :) Here is how I did the CVS part of it. This code uses IPC to talk to CVS and retrieves a specific version number out of CVS and runs it through enscript to color-code it. The enscript part is just for fun :)
    my $cobin = "/usr/local/bin/co"; my $enscript = "/usr/local/bin/enscript"; my $cvs_repos = "/path/to/cvs/repository"; my $rev = "1.1" my $file = ""; open(CVS, "$cobin -r$rev -p $cvs_repos/$file 2>&1 |"); @code = <CVS>; # write it to a temp file so enscript can use it open(TMPCVS, ">/tmp/tmpcvs.$$"); foreach (@code) { print TMPCVS $_; } close(CVS, TMPCVS); # the 2>/dev/null drops all stderr text, which is usually "output left + in -". This would have ended up either in the code # or the log file. open(ENSCRIPT, "$enscript --pretty-print=perl -G --language=html --col +or -p- /tmp/tmpcvs.$$ 2>/dev/null |"); my @source = <ENSCRIPT>; close(ENSCRIPT); unlink("/tmp/tmpcvs.$$");
    Probably a little bit more there than what you needed, but hopefully that can help answer your question. You might also want to check out the Python script ViewCVS. I fumbled my way through this in order to figure out how to use the 'co' command.
Re: CVS web interface
by KM (Priest) on Aug 09, 2000 at 21:28 UTC
    Do you get errors (what does $! say?). May be a permission problem with the web user vs. you (from the command line). I haven't used these myself, but these modules may be of use. But, I would be interested in the error messages (if any) from your system(), etc... attempts.


      I have already though about the user problem. Is there a way to set the 'User' of the script from within PERL?
        Look here for a possible solution to your problem.


RE: CVS web interface
by Anonymous Monk on Aug 09, 2000 at 22:12 UTC
    things done via the web are done as user nobody im sure you know... so maybe give user nobody permissions to read/write in your cvs writers file...might help things along...worth a shot.. of course if it worked it would be opening a large door...

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