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Re: Documentation for POE?

by rcaputo (Chaplain)
on Aug 07, 2003 at 09:03 UTC ( #281796=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Documentation for POE?

I am POE's lead developer, lead documenter, and lead site designer. I'm also the lead support agent, head fluffer, and chief bottle washer. I do all these things and more, even Europa, because nobody else does. If you would like to share or wear one of these hats, send me a note.

Thank you all for the feedback. POE is free software, and I spend most of my free time working on it. As such, I don't have much time to read PerlMonks. I wouldn't have even looked at this node if someone hadn't pointed it out to me.

If you're serious about making a difference in the project, please consider posting your feedback somewhere more useful. That would be my inbox, or POE's mailing list, or even a small note on the wiki itself.

If you're just looking for a place to vent ineffectually, I suggest SlashDot instead of PerlMonks. They really get off on plagiarized Roger Ebert reviews.

While I'm here:

POE's documentation is big. Really big. Like 120 printed pages for the perldoc alone. The web Cookbook is probably another 70 pages, and then there are the tutorials1,2,3,4, the FAQ, and other discussions. It's probably enough to make a book.

Unfortunately it's not book-quality documentation. I'm rewriting it in my spare time, which is obviously not fast enough. If you'd like to help it be done sooner, let's talk.

Hossman's right. The site is a wiki. It's easy to update. A lot of people do change it. Thank you, people! It's great stuff, especially since any time I'd have to manage the site would probably be better spent revising documentation.

William G. Davis is only partly correct about global.css. It's not editable directly, but you can change the site's style sheet. The user preferences include a field where you can insert your own styles or link to an entire stylesheet. It's mentioned towards the bottom of the main page.

DrHyde's impression of POE seems to be stale. A few years ago the test programs were all the samples it had. These days I wouldn't wish them on anybody.

The Cookbook is the main repository for sample programs now. So far there are 45 complete, commented programs covering different tasks. Many of them were written on request, so request something if you'd like to see it there. Likewise, let me know if any are out of date---it happens. Better yet, do like others have done, and patch the code without bothering me. It is a wiki.

Thanks again for the feedback, and thanks for reading.

-- Rocco Caputo - -

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