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Re: Win32::OLE Outlook and E-mail security update

by Foggy Bottoms (Monk)
on Aug 08, 2003 at 14:44 UTC ( #282199=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Win32::OLE Outlook and E-mail security update

There is another tricky way to override security problems in Outlook...
Since the main problem is that there's a window that pops up and freezes the code, all we need to do is run a parallel and independent process that'll detect that pop-up window and validate it.
Now how in the world ??!??! It's all rather simple - but not very academic. All you have to do is bring that window to the foreground, activate the maximum time length during which perl code will be authorized to run (10 mns in Outlook 2002) and there you go.
Use the package Win32::GUITest to send keys to the window. By sending the sequence (tab twice then space then tab then end then enter) you're actually selecting maximum time option and validating it...
You can try it out - it works just fine. Enjoy - and there's $200 saved :
use Win32::OLE qw(in with); use Win32::GUI; use Win32::GuiTest; sub findSecurityWindow # this method detects whether a security window popped up in Outlook. +If it is # the case, it needs to be processed so that the script can be execute +d. # Else it'll pend. { my $messageClass = "#32770"; my $winName = "Microsoft Outlook"; return Win32::GUI::FindWindow($messageClass,$winName); } sub clearSecurityWindow # this method brings the security window on top of all the others, hen +ce focusing it # and sends it a series of keystrokes in order to validate it. { my $securityHandle = shift; print "shandle : $securityHandle\n"; # debug purposes while ($securityHandle!=Win32::GUI::GetForegroundWindow()) { #Win32::GUI::BringWindowToTop($securityHandle); # doesn't seem e +nough so let's focus it as well #Win32::GUI::SetFocus($securityHandle); Win32::GUI::SetForegroundWindow($securityHandle); Win32::GUI::Enable($securityHandle); } print "foreground window : Win32::GUI::GetForegroundWindow()"; # now send key sequence that will allow maximum time for code to ru +n # The sequence is as follows : initially the no button is focused.. +. # One tab brings us to cancel, another tab to the time tick box # a spacebar hit will tick the box. Then a tab will select the drop +-down # list in order for us to choose the time length. A keypress on the + End key will # select maximum time. Then a return key will validate our choice # 2 tabs - spacebar - 1 tab - one end - one return Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{SPACEBAR}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{TAB}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{END}"); Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("{ENTER}"); }

Then all you need is to call
my $securityHandle = 0; while (not ($securityHandle)) # detects Outlook's popup window that as +ks whether access should be granted to { # perl code to Outlook's inner properties. $securityHandle = LTG::dialog::findSecurityWindow(); # wait for sec +urity window to pop-up... print "shandle : $securityHandle\n"; # debug purposes } # window has been found - clear it LTG::dialog::clearSecurityWindow($securityHandle);

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Re^2: Win32::OLE Outlook and E-mail security update
by ThinMonk (Initiate) on Feb 11, 2005 at 13:12 UTC
    Small Optim,

    Replace all those SendKeys with one:


    I actually did pretty much the same save I have a separate script that that lives for 2 minutes who's sole purpose in life is to kills off that popup window. In the calling application I call Win32::Process::Create as a detached_process just before causing the window to popup.

    p1:..code.. p1:Win32::Process::Create(,'',,,DETACHED_PROCESS, +) p2:started, on loop look for window p1:access outlook p1:hang on output p2:found window, click yes (till yes is available) p2:exit p1:got output p1:..code..

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