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Re: HTML::FillInForm

by knowmad (Monk)
on Aug 14, 2003 at 12:00 UTC ( #283840=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to HTML::FillInForm

Nice examples of the benefits of HTML::FillInForm. I avoided it for years because it seemed like yet another module to kee up with; it's now a priority.

At any rate, I was trying to figure out how to get it to repopulate checkbox groups with multiple values. For some reason, you must use the fdat parameter and pass in a hash reference instead of doing the fobject parameter.

For example, to process the following code:

<input value="1" type="checkbox" checked name="need_id"> Advocacy <input value="2" type="checkbox" checked name="need_id"> Domestic Viol +ence <input value="3" type="checkbox" checked name="need_id">Racial Diversi +ty

You would use something like the following:

my %fdat = $q->Vars; my $html = <output from favorite flavor of templating language> my $fif = new HTML::FillInForm; $html = $fif->fill(scalarref => \$html, fdat => \%fdat);

Now sit back and let this module do even more of the busy work for you!


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